Radioactive Contamination has been Detected over Europe, but its Source Remains a Mystery

February 24, 2017
Last January, France's Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) detection stations began detecting the presence of radioactive iodine-131 in the air across Europe. While the concentrations of the radioactive substance are still well within accepted safety limits, its... continued

NASA Announces a Treasure Chest of Earth-Like Planets Orbiting a Nearby Star

February 23, 2017
NASA has announced the discovery of a family of 7 Earth-like exoplanets that are orbiting a nearby star, an ultracool dwarf called TRAPPIST-1. The observations were made using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, building on earlier findings announced last year by... continued

New Experimental Medication Promises to Slow Aging, and Extend Life

February 22, 2017
Our medical science has become quite adept at extending the human lifespan, leading to the presence of centenarians as commonplace in our culture. However, the race to find ways to keep the population healthy as it grows older – to... continued

NASA to Reveal Major Exoplanet Breakthrough on Wednesday

February 21, 2017
NASA has just announced that it will be holding a news conference on Wednesday, February 22 at which a major new exoplanet discovery will be revealed. Does this mean that evidence, or even proof, of life on a planet orbiting... continued

The Recent Heat Wave in Oklahoma is a Symptom of a Larger Global Warming Trend

February 21, 2017
The increasing number and frequency of heat waves experienced around the globe over the past year are adding to the growing body of evidence that global warming is a real danger to human civilization. In 2016 alone, major heat waves,... continued

Human Impact on Climate Change is 170 Times Greater than Natural Forces, according to “The Anthropocene Equation”

February 18, 2017
A new equation has been published that has the potential to settle the debate of how big an impact human activity has had on the environment, in comparison to natural forces. This equation, created by the authors that proposed that... continued

A Group of Prominent Republicans Calls for a Carbon Tax

February 17, 2017
In a break from the established Republican party stance on climate change, a number of GOP icons, including former Secretaries of State James Baker III and George Shultz, and former Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson Jr., are quietly advocating... continued

The Survival of Orbital Algae Suggests That Life May Not Have Originated on Earth

February 16, 2017
An experiment that was conducted aboard -- or rather outside of -- the International Space Station, proves that biological organisms can survive the harsh environment of space for extended periods of time. The experiment was designed investigate how human expeditions... continued

New Hurricane-Strength Storm Threatens to Continue the Current Arctic Warming Trend

February 15, 2017
For the third time this winter, temperatures in the Arctic are forecast to rise to near freezing, due to a massive storm that is brewing in the North Atlantic. The continued dumping of warm, moist air into the Arctic, along... continued

Trump Directive Delays the addition of the Imperiled Bumblebee to the Endangered Species List

February 14, 2017
The listing of the rusty patched bumblebee on the endangered species list in the United States has been delayed by a directive issued by the Trump administration that places a 60-day hold on all new regulations published in the Federal... continued