“They did not appear to be of earthly origin”: Did a Space Shuttle Astronaut View a Film of Recovered Alien Bodies?

March 18, 2017
Former NASA Spacecraft Operator (SCO) Clark C. McClelland has published a revelatory article on his Stargate Chronicles website, regarding a conversation he had with the late lieutenant colonel Ellison Onizuka, Mission Specialist on the Space Shuttle Challenger's ill-fated STS-51-L mission.... continued

Southern Humpback Whales are Gathering in Unusually Large Groups

March 17, 2017
Humpback whales in the southern hemisphere have been exhibiting odd behavior over the past few years: typically a solitary species that only temporarily gathers in pods of up to a dozen individuals, groups of up to 200 whales have been... continued

U.S. Proposal to Gut the EPA, and the Agency’s New Climate-Denier Chief

March 15, 2017
Documents obtained by The National Association of Clean Air Agencies from an anonymous source have revealed President Donald Trump's plans to make massive budget and personnel cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency. This news comes amidst the controversy stirred up... continued

UK Photographer Uncovers Shropshire’s Mysterious ‘Templar Caves’

March 14, 2017
An intrepid photographer has recently gained access to the previously-sealed Caynton Caves that reside under the grounds of Caynton Hall, a site in Shropshire county, England. These man-made caves, rumored to have been built by the Knights Templar, have been... continued

Ancient Earth Fossils and Martian Meteorites Add to the Evidence for Life on Mars

March 11, 2017
As researchers learn more and more about the planet Mars, the likelihood of life having developed on the Red Planet increases. Two separate discoveries, one involving the discovery of what may be planet Earth's oldest fossils, and another that shows... continued

Introducing Neuromorphics: a Smarter Computer Chip used to Build a Smarter AI

March 10, 2017
One of the biggest barriers to the implementation of useful artificial intelligence in our culture is the limitations imposed by our computer hardware: modern computer chips have their circuits arranged in a two-dimensional layout, running programs that are meant to... continued

Looking for Life in the Unlikeliest of Places: The Asteroid Belt

March 9, 2017
As researchers continue to realize the extent of the tenacity of life on (and around) Earth, the possibility of simple lifeforms being found in what would once would have been considered the most unlikely of places is now being entertained.... continued

Ancient ‘Atlantean’ Metal Discovered in 2,600-Year-Old Shipwreck

March 7, 2017
In 2015, a 2,600-year-old shipwreck discovered off the coast of Gela in southern Sicily was found to contain 39 ingots of a mysterious alloy that archaeologists believe is the ancient metal known as orichalcum, a metal that Plato described as... continued

‘Are We Alone in the Universe?’: Winston Churchill’s Scientific Essay on Extraterrestrial Life

March 2, 2017
"I, for one, am not so immensely impressed by the success we are making of our civilization here that I am prepared to think we are the only spot in this immense universe which contains living, thinking creatures, or that... continued

Oil Giant Shell Knew of the Dangers of Global Warming 26 Years Ago

March 1, 2017
Oil company Shell has joined Exxon-Mobil as one of the big oil giants that knew about the dangers of global warming decades ago, and, like Exxon, subsequently worked to bury the issue. An educational video produced by Shell in 1991,... continued