Two High-Strangeness Cases from Britain’s Declassified UFO Files

July 4, 2017
While the recently-released batch of 15 UFO documents from the UK's Ministry of Defence failed to reveal any information amounting to the proverbial "smoking gun" evidence that the ufology community has been searching for, the files did contain provocative reports... continued

Was Göbekli Tepe Home to a Neolithic Skull Cult?

July 1, 2017
Researchers studying the archaeological site at Göbekli Tepe have uncovered the remains of human skulls that have had long grooves deliberately carved into them. The carved skull fragments, belonging to three different individuals, are amongst the remains of hundreds of... continued

The UK’s MoD Releases (most of) Their 18 Remaining UFO Files

June 30, 2017
The UK's Ministry of Defence has released the majority of a series of 18 long-awaited UFO files to the National Archives, but have still withheld three of the documents. This release lacked a press announcement publicizing the event, and the... continued

The Environmental Protection Agency is Cutting Over 1,200 Jobs

June 29, 2017
News has surfaced that the Environmental Protection Agency is planning on cutting more than 1,200 jobs from the agency by September of this year, keeping in line with President Donald J. Trump's campaign pledge to dismantle the EPA. This news... continued

A New Worldwide Ransomware Attack called “Petya” is Currently Underway

June 28, 2017
Organizations and corporations around the world were once again hit by a massive ransomware attack, in a manner similar to the WannaCry attack launched (and foiled) last May. Cybersecurity experts have dubbed the malware responsible forthis new round of attacks... continued

New Solar-Powered Paint can Produce Hydrogen as a Clean Energy Source

June 24, 2017
In science's quest to develop less polluting sources of energy, hydrogen gas has often been used as an example as a potential replacement for fossil fuels: aside from being the most abundant substance in the universe, it is also the... continued

Leaked MJ-12 Document Questioned

June 23, 2017
An alleged Defense Intelligence Agency UFO briefing document has been leaked to the host of the late-night talk radio program Midnight in the Desert, Heather Wade. Wade reported her receipt of the document on June 13, 2017, from two retired... continued

Antarctica’s Largest Ice Shelf Suffered a Texas-Sized Surface Melt Event

June 22, 2017
Over the summer of 2016 in the southern hemisphere, the world's largest ice shelf, Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf, suffered a massive surface melt event that covered an area larger than the state of Texas, with the meltwater pooling in some... continued

China’s Quantum Satellite Transmits Entangled Photons to Earth

June 20, 2017
An ambitious quantum entanglement experiment launched aboard China's Quantum Science Experiment Satellite last year has proven to be a success, having successfully transmitted pairs of entangled photons to two facilities on the ground 750 miles apart. The success of this... continued

A Global Warming Study has been Postponed due to the Effects of Climate Change

June 17, 2017
A $17 million expedition aimed at studying the effects of climate change in Canada's Hudson Bay has been postponed due to complications brought about by climate change itself. An unusually heavy southward flow of surface ice from the Arctic has... continued