Due to Unchecked Climate Change; the North Atlantic Ocean’s Currents are Speeding Towards a Tipping Point

March 3, 2021
According to more than one recent study the ocean currents in the North Atlantic are in more precarious shape than was previously realized.  It is now extremely likely that our climate crisis may further impair the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation... continued

Coronavirus Vaccines Show Real-World Effectiveness, While the US Death Toll Surpasses 500,000

March 2, 2021
    Recent studies out of the UK are showing that the new COVID-19 vaccines are showing real-world effectiveness that is in-line with the numbers reported from their clinical trials, welcome news in a coronavirus-weary world. But with COVID-19's death... continued

Geomagnetic Flips Might Be More Disruptive Than Previously Thought

February 26, 2021
Although assumed that reversals in the Earth's magnetic field has little noticeable impact on the living organisms on this planet, the discovery of well-preserved trees dating from the last geomagnetic reversal 42,000 years ago suggest that such an event may... continued

Have Megalith, Will Travel: Stonehenge May Have Been Relocated From Wales Nearly 5,000 Years Ago

February 24, 2021
It would appear that Stonehenge was built about 400 years earlier than originally estimated—albeit on a site in western Wales, 225 kilometers (140 miles) from Wiltshire, England, where the iconic megalithic formation stands today. When Stonehenge was first erected sometime... continued

Declassified Army Document Explores the Mechanics of Remote Viewing and OBEs

February 22, 2021
    A 1983 US Army document that examines the mechanics behind phenomena such as remote viewing and out of body travel has resurfaced. The analysis is in regards to the techniques taught by the Gateway Experience program offered by... continued

US Weather Catastrophe: Why is It So-o-o Cold?

February 20, 2021
Doesn't global warming mean no more winter? If so, then why is the Northern Hemisphere having such a cold one? The answer lies in part in the nature of global warming, and may in part in the effect of a... continued

A Diverse Fleet of Probes From Earth Has Assembled in Mars Orbit

February 18, 2021
[Updated Feb. 19 to reflect Perseverance and Ingenuity's successful landing] Mars became a fair bit busier this month, with no less than three missions—each from a different country—having arrived at the red planet over the past few weeks. The UAE's Al-Amal and... continued

Whitley to Give a Major Talk at the Virtual Conscious Life Expo

February 16, 2021
Whitley will be giving a major talk at the 2021 Conscious Life Expo on Sunday, February 21 at 1:00PM Pacific time. The title of the talk is "What Will Happen to Us" and it covers some major overlooked areas: first,... continued

The Accelerating Rates of Global Ice Melt Topples Scientific Estimates of Earth’s Coming Sea Level Rise

February 15, 2021
A new study has found that scientists may have grossly underestimated the future rate of Earth's sea level rise, in light of the world's ice sheets melting at an accelerated speed. The study's projections agree with the United Nation’s Intergovernmental... continued

Anne Strieber Gives Whitley a Hiliarious Valentine

February 13, 2021
For many years, Whitley and Anne Strieber traded Valentine's between Whitley's Journal and Anne's Diary on this website. Last week, as Whitley walked into a card shop to buy cards for his children and grandchildren, he reports that he sensed... continued