The Mummified Remains of Numerous Non-Human Entities have been Uncovered in Peru

January 17, 2017
A Peru-based archeological organization has unveiled what they claim to be the mummified remains of a number of humanoid, non-human creatures, found in ancient tunnels in Cusco, Peru, in January of 2016. The remains appear to be of numerous individuals... continued

A Simple, Accurate Medical Test for Many Diseases Might be Just a Breath Away

January 14, 2017
It mightn't quite be Doctor McCoy's medical diagnostic tricorder, but a new breathalyzer-like device has been developed that can detect the faint chemical signatures produced in the body as a response to various diseases -- all from a simple breath... continued

Another Asteroid Came Disturbingly Close to Earth This Month

January 13, 2017
A small asteroid passed extremely close to the Earth on January 9, missing us by only 192,500 kilometers (119,500 miles), roughly half the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Because of its small size, the asteroid, called 2017 AG13,... continued

The Global Warming ‘Hiatus’ May Never Have Happened to Begin With

January 12, 2017
New studies have been coming to light that say that the apparent pause in the increase in ocean temperatures between 1998 and 2014 may never have happened to begin with, with the revised data instead showing a steady increase through... continued

Superstorm News: New Climate Model Suggests Atlantic Ocean Currents could Fail, Triggering a New Ice Age

January 10, 2017
A new climate model generated by the University of California's Scripps Institution of Oceanography suggests that if current warming trends continue, they could cause a failure in the circulation of the currents in the Atlantic Ocean, in turn leading to... continued

Chilean Navy Releases Report on High-Quality UFO Video

January 7, 2017
Leading UFO researcher and reporter Leslie Kean reports that Chilean authorities have released a remarkable, 9-minute video of an apparent UFO, recorded by two officers aboard a Chilean Navy helicopter. This video is being released after a 2-year investigation by the... continued

New Cyborg Implant Aims to Reawaken our Sense of our Place on Earth

January 6, 2017
Most of us are familiar with the theories that as humans, we've lost some a number of the natural senses that our ancient ancestors used to employ, ranging from our current concept of a "sixth sense", to the 360 senses... continued

When is a Comet not a Comet? Asteroid 2016 WF9 Blurs the Line between Comet and Asteroid

January 5, 2017
 A new asteroid was discovered by the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission in November of 2016, designated 2016 WF9. While the mission finally decided to designate the object as an asteroid a few days later, 2016 WF9 presented an... continued

Smog Covers China

January 3, 2017
Twenty-five cities across northern China are under red pollution alerts, the highest pollution warning in the Chinese system. Due to the thick haze, thousands of flights have been cancelled. Beijing is under a yellow alert, the second highest pollution warning... continued

North Carolina’s Electoral Process Akin to that of a Banana Republic, according to the Electoral Integrity Project

December 31, 2016
  The Electoral Integrity Project has released a scathing report on the state of the democratic process in North Carolina, likening the integrity of the state's electoral process to that of Cuba, Sierra Leone and Indonesia. According to EIP political... continued