A New El Niño may be Warming Up for Later in 2017

May 3, 2017
The World Meteorological Organization is forecasting a possible return of the El Niño phenomenon to the Pacific Ocean later this year, hot on the heels of the 2015-2016 back-to-back El Niño events, with only a short-lived, milquetoast La Niña cooling... continued

A Solar Storm may have Caused This Month’s Power Failures

April 30, 2017
A series of power outages across the continent that occurred on April 21 may have been caused by a geomagnetic storm. Coordinated cyberattacks were initially blamed for the events, although a fire caused by an overloaded circuit breaker in one... continued

The Surprise Discovery of Antarctica’s Massive Meltwater Network, and the Increasing Instability of its Largest Ice Shelf

April 29, 2017
The results of two new studies regarding Antarctic glaciers have been released, and the results of each shocked the researchers conducting them, including the first on-site survey of the Totten Ice Shelf, and the first large-scale survey of the Antarctic... continued

Chinese Scientists to Put AI in Your Smartphone

April 28, 2017
Two scientists from China have recently received a major amount of funding to develop their deep-learning, artificial intelligence processor. The funding comes from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who allocated 10 million yuan ($1.4 million USD), with the expectation that... continued

Astronomers Find a Purple Light in the Sky, and call it ‘Steve’

April 25, 2017
Astronomers at Canada's University of Calgary have revealed a previously-uncatalogued, purple-colored luminous phenomenon in the sky, found through observations made by citizen scientists, and confirmed by satellite data. The phenomenon consists of a lighted band or ribbon that stretches across... continued

Astronaut Gordon Cooper’s Space Maps are being used to Find Sunken Treasure

April 22, 2017
Professional treasure hunter Darrell Miklos is currently organizing a series of treasure hunts, searching for sunken Spanish ships that may have been carrying gold plundered from the Americas. Filming the expeditions for a docu-series that will be shown on the... continued

2016 Records a Decline in Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the U.S.

April 21, 2017
According to data released by the U.S. Department of Energy, carbon emissions from power generating plants in the United States fell by five percent last year, in addition to a five percent drop seen earlier in 2015. This decrease is... continued

Global Warming Forces an Arctic River to Dramatically Change Course

April 20, 2017
Scientists have announced that a river in northern Canada has been dramatically re-routed due to the effects of global warming. Meltwater from the Yukon territory's Kaskawulsh glacier, formerly flowing north into the Yukon River via the Slims River, now flows... continued

China is Testing the EM Drive Aboard the Tiangong-2 Space Station

April 19, 2017
In the escalating space-race that has been re-kindled between the world's spacefaring nations, the controversial EM Drive could be taking a leading role in propelling new spacecraft through the cosmos, as China has not only successfully tested their own version... continued

A New DNA-Based Search for the Loch Ness Monster is being Launched

April 18, 2017
A university professor from New Zealand is planning to put our modern knowledge of genetics to work in solving a decades-old mystery: does the Loch Ness Monster, nicknamed 'Nessie', actually exist? The University of Otago's Professor Neil Gemmell is proposing... continued