It’s Official: Russian Organizations Insinuated Themselves into the 2016 US Presidential Elections

February 22, 2018
On February 16, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released a 37-page indictment in response to the Bureau's investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 United States presidential election. Initially thought to simply be a moderate-effort ad campaign meant to... continued

Sea Level Rise may be Accelerating Faster than we Thought

February 21, 2018
A new study regarding the rate of sea level rise shows that the rise of ocean levels may be accelerating faster than the steady increase that was previously assumed, and may result in double the height of sea levels previously... continued

A Split in the Polar Vortex means Cold Weather for the West Coast, but Warm Weather for the Arctic

February 17, 2018
The polar vortex has divided into two sections, allowing warm air from the northern Pacific ocean to extend into the Arctic, while displacing cold Arctic air south along the west coast. While the resulting forecast means that the east coast... continued

Cellular DNA Activity May Increase in the Days Following Death

February 15, 2018
The clinical definition of physical death occurs when an individual's heart stops beating and brain stops functioning, but what about other biological functions that still carry on after these two admittedly important processes cease? Medical science has long assumed that... continued

It’s Not Just Methane: If Arctic Permafrost Melts it Releases the World’s Largest Reserve of Mercury

February 13, 2018
A recent survey of Arctic permafrost has revealed that the northern tundra holds the world's largest reserve of mercury, with its size estimated to be in the tens of millions of gallons. Ordinarily, the presence of the toxic metal wouldn't... continued

Long-Lost NASA Satellite Wakes Up from its 12-Year Slumber

February 10, 2018
Launched in 2000, NASA's IMAGE (Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration) satellite was tasked with studying how Earth's magnetosphere was affected by the solar wind, imaging plasma streams in the planet's atmosphere from an orbit that took it 28,000 miles (45,000... continued

Mayan Civilization was Far More Vast and Complex than Previously Thought

February 8, 2018
A recent aerial survey of the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala has uncovered a vast interconnected network of ancient cities, hidden for centuries beneath the jungle canopy that reclaimed this "megalopolis" after it was abandoned long ago. These new findings... continued

New Study Supports a Major Cometary Impact at the End of the Last Ice Age

February 6, 2018
The evidence pointing toward a major cometary impact that heralded the closure of the last ice age 13,000 years ago is steadily growing, with a new study from the University of Kansas offering more data that supports what is known... continued

Two New Archaeological Finds Point to an Earlier Migration out of Africa

February 3, 2018
Archaeological sites in India and Israel have yielded new finds that once again illustrate the probability that some groups of people left Africa much earlier than previously assumed. Although a number of these migrations have been found to have occurred... continued

Researchers use AI to Decipher the Enigmatic Voynich Manuscript

February 1, 2018
Computer scientists at Canada's University of Alberta have used artificial intelligence to decipher the mysterious Voynich Manuscript. Although computer-based cryptoanalysis has been used since World War II to crack innumerable codes, in recent years computers have been pitted against a... continued