“Eat me!” A New Study shows how a Common Parasite Turns Mice into Cat-Seeking Zombies

January 6, 2018
While we tend to think of the concept of a cat-and-mouse chase to be a one-way affair, this isn't always the case with the animals that originated the phrase: a parasite, called Toxoplasma gondii, can create a suicidal aggressiveness in... continued

New Insight Article: Lonely Love and a Beautiful Lesson from Anne

January 5, 2018
Some of our Dreamland listeners and Unknowncountry users have reported contacts with Anne, and some of them are particularly powerful. This one, reported by a long time subscriber and published here as an Insight Article, relates directly to the primary... continued

Hurricane-like ‘Bomb Cyclone’ to Drop Violent Winter Weather along the East Coast

January 4, 2018
Following nearly two weeks of record-breaking freezing temperatures, a severe winter storm is forming off of the east coast, one that resembles a winter hurricane in many respects, and will run north from Florida through to Atlantic Canada. Aside from... continued

Senator Harry Reid is Calling for a Congressional Hearing into UFOs

January 3, 2018
Former Nevada Senator Harry Reid is calling for what may be a long-overdue congressional hearing into the subject of UFOs. Reid was one of the key players that procured funding for the recently-revealed Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, a Pentagon... continued

Mars-Cold Weather across Canada and the US Breaks both Records and Windows

December 30, 2017
An mass of cold Arctic air has descended from the north over the continent, causing temperatures to plunge across Canada and the eastern half of the United States. Many regions between Nunavut and Ontario are seeing temperatures well below zero... continued

Russian-Made Code in FBI Security Software has Cybersecurity Experts Concerned

December 29, 2017
Two whistleblowers from French aerospace and defense conglomerate Safran SA have revealed that the company bought computer code from a Russian company with connections to the Kremlin, incorporated the code into their own fingerprint recognition software, and sold their product... continued

Acclaimed Film Director Guillermo del Toro Disappointed and Terrified by Encounter with “Crappy” UFO

December 28, 2017
In a November speaking engagement at Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film & TV, acclaimed film director Guillermo del Toro described an encounter with a UFO near Cerro del Cuatro, Mexico. Being a master storyteller of fantasy movies with lavish... continued

Santa’s Psilocybin Secret: the Alternate History of the Tradition behind Santa Claus

December 24, 2017
Most of us are familiar with how the legend of Santa Claus evolved, having descended from the traditions of Saint Nicholas, a fourth-century saint famous for his charity work and gift-giving, along with all of the details that have been... continued

World’s Smallest Greeting Card joins World’s Smallest Snowman in Wishing You “Seasons Greetings”

December 23, 2017
The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the UK has created the world's smallest Christmas card, and at a mere 15 microns wide by 20 microns tall (0.015 by 0.020 millimeters), it out-miniaturizes last season's 30-micron (0.030 millimeter) World's Smallest Snowman.... continued

Carbon Nanotubes make for Super-Strong Spider Silk

December 22, 2017
A professor of solid and structural mechanics at the University of Trento in Italy has come up with a way of combining natural spider silk and artificial graphene-based nanoparticles to produce a lightweight material three times stronger than steel. What's... continued