Mayan Underworld Unveils a 10,000-Year-Old Story–Including a Violent Catastrophic Event

March 6, 2018
An archaeological expedition aimed at plumbing the secrets of Chichen Itza's underworld of the gods has uncovered the well-preserved remains of ancient humans and extinct animals that date back to the last ice age--far more than what the expedition's members... continued

Polar Vortex Split Causes Superstorm-like Winter Havoc in Europe

March 3, 2018
Last month's split in the Polar Vortex caused two distinct sections of the typically-persistent low-pressure zone to push south; one into western North America, and the other into northern Siberia. In North America, this resulted in a massive cold snap... continued

Weekend Flyby of Asteroid 2018 DU marks 17th Close Pass This Year

March 1, 2018
A newly-discovered asteroid, designated 2018 DU, made a close pass to the Earth over the weekend, coming within 280,000 kilometers (174,000 miles) of the planet on February 25. The ten-meter (33-foot) rock is the 17th known asteroid to have passed... continued

Once again, Arctic Temperatures Rise Above Freezing, as Sea Ice Shrinks

February 27, 2018
Last week, temperatures in the Arctic once again went above freezing, following a split in the Polar Vortex that allowed warm air currents to flow into the region, with some stations recording temperatures 25ºC (45ºF) above normal. This event accompanies... continued

West Coast UFO Incident Confirmed by FAA, USAF

February 24, 2018
New information regarding a UFO incident that occurred over California and Oregon on October 25th of last year has been released through a Freedom of Information Act request, painting a picture of a highly-maneuverable, high speed craft that could be... continued

It’s Official: Russian Organizations Insinuated Themselves into the 2016 US Presidential Elections

February 22, 2018
On February 16, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released a 37-page indictment in response to the Bureau's investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 United States presidential election. Initially thought to simply be a moderate-effort ad campaign meant to... continued

Sea Level Rise may be Accelerating Faster than we Thought

February 21, 2018
A new study regarding the rate of sea level rise shows that the rise of ocean levels may be accelerating faster than the steady increase that was previously assumed, and may result in double the height of sea levels previously... continued

A Split in the Polar Vortex means Cold Weather for the West Coast, but Warm Weather for the Arctic

February 17, 2018
The polar vortex has divided into two sections, allowing warm air from the northern Pacific ocean to extend into the Arctic, while displacing cold Arctic air south along the west coast. While the resulting forecast means that the east coast... continued

Cellular DNA Activity May Increase in the Days Following Death

February 15, 2018
The clinical definition of physical death occurs when an individual's heart stops beating and brain stops functioning, but what about other biological functions that still carry on after these two admittedly important processes cease? Medical science has long assumed that... continued

It’s Not Just Methane: If Arctic Permafrost Melts it Releases the World’s Largest Reserve of Mercury

February 13, 2018
A recent survey of Arctic permafrost has revealed that the northern tundra holds the world's largest reserve of mercury, with its size estimated to be in the tens of millions of gallons. Ordinarily, the presence of the toxic metal wouldn't... continued