Massive Storm Aims at Greenland, Bringing Warm Temperatures and Huge Waves

February 9, 2017
For the third time this winter, temperatures in the Arctic are forecast to rise to near freezing, this time due to a massive storm that is brewing in the North Atlantic. The continued dumping of warm, moist air into the... continued

Meet Félicette: The World’s First (and only) Cat sent into Space

February 7, 2017
We're all familiar with the concept of early spaceflight experiments that sent animals into space, including fruit flies, various rodents, all the way up through the quintessential space-monkey. These high-flying menageries were sent aloft to study the effects of travel... continued

New Study Offers First Evidence of a Holographic Universe

February 6, 2017
A recent study has added new evidence to the controversial theory that the three-dimensional nature of our universe is actually a holographic projection from a two-dimensional plane. The holographic principle, as it is known, isn't widely accepted by the scientific... continued

Tesla Motors Opens Massive Li-Ion Electrical Storage Site to Combat Fossil Fuel Use

February 3, 2017
On January 30, Tesla Motors announced the opening of a massive battery storage facility in California, one of three such facilities constructed under what is being called "The Powerpack project", in partnership with electrical utility provider Southern California Edison (SCE).... continued

100-Million-Year-Old Insect is Alien Enough to Create its Own Order

February 2, 2017
A new species of insect has been discovered from a 100-million year old fossil, found trapped in a piece of amber that was excavated in Myanmar. Being dubbed an "alien insect" by the press, the creature was so different from... continued

Earth’s Magnetic Pole Reversals: What are the Dangers, and What Don’t We Know?

February 1, 2017
The Earth's magnetic field is an extremely important component contributing to the existence of life on our home planet, providing a protective shield against the otherwise harsh solar wind. The magnetosphere, much like Earth's other spheres, is not static, and... continued

Travel Ban Causes a Brain-Drain and may Violate First Amendment Rights

January 31, 2017
On January 27, 2016, President Trump signed an executive order that bans the entry of citizens of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen into the United States, under all available visas, for 120 days. The order --supposedly to... continued

Unknowncountry, Your Privacy and Security

January 30, 2017
Unknowncountry has recently instituted enhanced security measures to protect your privacy and insure that your visit to our website does not result in any compromise to your security. Since the beginning of the site, we have never sold email addresses... continued

The EPA has been Ordered to Freeze Grants, and has been Silenced with a Gag Order

January 28, 2017
Staff members of the Environmental Protection Agency have been instructed to freeze all grants in the agency's extensive funding program, including, but not limited to, funds for environmental research, education, industrial site redevelopment, and air quality monitoring. Furthermore, staff have... continued

Trump Authorizes Construction on his Mexican Border Wall, and Proposes a Hefty Sales Tax to Pay For It—on Us

January 27, 2017
President Trump has signed an executive order that authorizes the construction of the wall that he promised would be built along the United States-Mexico border. To pay the massive bill that such an ambitious construction project would bring, Trump also... continued