National Climate Assessment Warns of the Dangers of Ignoring Global Warming

November 27, 2018
The authors of the Fourth National Climate Assessment pulled no punches in issuing a dire warning regarding the inevitable consequences of leaving the rapid progression of global warming unchallenged. The report predicts that the United States economy will suffer an... continued

The Unsolved Mystery of Idaho’s Enigmatic Sri Yantra Mandala Earthwork

November 24, 2018
During a routine patrol on August 10, 1990, Idaho Air National Guard pilot Lieutenant Colonel Bill Miller spotted a strange sight from the cockpit of his RF-4C Phantom fighter jet: a quarter-mile (0.4 kilometer) wide series of intricate geometric designs,... continued

A Massive Impact Crater has been Discovered Under the Ice In Greenland

November 22, 2018
A massive impact crater the size of the city of Paris has been discovered under the ice sheet in northern Greenland. Partially hidden under the Hiawatha Glacier, this 31-kilometer (19.3-mile) crater is estimated to be no older than three million... continued

UFOs Spotted over Ireland by Three Separate Airline Crews

November 18, 2018
The crews of three separate airliners reported having an encounter with an apparent UFO over Ireland on the morning of November 9, described as a bright object that appeared to be traveling at twice the speed of sound. The reports... continued

New Genetic Studies Unveil the Origins of the Americas’ First Inhabitants — and their Ancient Link to Modern-Day Native Americans

November 14, 2018
Advances in the analysis of ancient DNA have upended the scientific community's view of how human populations migrated both into and around the North and South American continents, illustrating the rapid and complex movement of humanity into the western hemisphere... continued

Extreme California Fires Result from Drought Caused by Global Warming, not Forest Mismanagement

November 11, 2018
California is on fire again, with massive wildfires devouring hundreds of thousands of acres in separate regions at both ends of the state. The largest, the Camp Fire, has burned over 100,000 acres in Butte County since it initially started... continued

Quantum Computing Now Proven to be Faster than Classical Computers

November 10, 2018
An international team of researchers has definitively proven that quantum computers can hold a significant computational advantage over classical semiconductor-based computers. Although quantum computing elements have been available in D-Wave Systems' series of computers for over a decade, there has... continued

Psilocybin has been Granted “Breakthrough Therapy” Status by the FDA for Untreatable Depression

November 6, 2018
The US Food and Drug Administration has granted a group of researchers approval to proceed with the use of the controversial drug psilocybin, a psychedelic compound naturally produced in about 200 species of mushrooms, to treat patients suffering from treatment-resistant... continued

The Changing Song of Antarctica’s Ice Reveals its Health to Researchers

November 1, 2018
Researchers in Antarctica have discovered that the frozen continent's ice shelves produce an audible sound when the wind passes over the surface snow, a haunting song from a landscape that remains alien to the majority of us. The researchers also... continued

Lawsuit Filed by America’s Youth Against the US Government over Climate Change can now Proceed

October 30, 2018
On October 15, a U.S. District Judge ruled that a lawsuit filed by a group of young Americans against the federal government over the issue of climate change will proceed on October 29, despite repeated attempts by the government to... continued