Could the Sonic Attacks on US Embassy Workers in Cuba be the Result of Microwave Listening Devices?

September 20, 2018
A medical expert with the University of California has weighed in on her suspicions as to what caused the concussion-like injuries in US embassy workers in Cuba in 2017, and at an embassy in China this past June, and says... continued

Sabotage in Space, or Sloppy Screwup? Hole in Russian Spacecraft Appears to have been Deliberately Drilled

September 18, 2018
A small hole found in the hull of a Russian Soyuz capsule docked with the International Space Station has been found to have been deliberately drilled, puzzling officials as to why anyone would damage a manned spacecraft in such a... continued

Sunspot Observatory Mysteriously Evacuated

September 15, 2018
The Sunspot Observatory was closed and evacuated on September 6 due to an undisclosed security risk and remains closed at this time. The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) has temporarily closed the facility and evacuated the 5... continued

Prolonged Heat Waves Fuel Wildfires Around the World — Including the Arctic!

September 13, 2018
Deadly wildfires are raging around the globe again this year, driven by heat waves and dry conditions exacerbated by global warming. Major fires in Australia, Europe, North America and Russia have prompted states of emergency and calls for assistance from... continued

Why Hurricane Florence is So Dangerous

September 12, 2018
Unfortunately, Hurricane Florence is developing according to the same scenario that Unknowncountry has been warning about since the publication of Whitley Strieber and Art Bell's book Superstorm in 1999. Katrina, Sandy, Harvey and now Florence have all come into contact with unusually warm inshore... continued

3 Hurricanes Cross the Atlantic as a 4th Takes Aim at Hawaii

September 11, 2018
Three Cape Verde hurricanes have formed at the same time in the south central Atlantic while a fourth storm in the Pacific in threatening Hawaii with it's second hurricane of the season. At the same time, a new tropical depression is... continued

Tropical Storm Florence May Threaten US East Coast as Hurricane

September 9, 2018
Tropical Storm Florence, presently circulating in the south-central Atlantic Ocean, may move north and east and make landfall somewhere along the US East Coast later this week. If the storm reaches this area of the ocean, unsually warm water will cause it... continued

Is This Nessie? Kids Take some STRANGE Pictures

September 5, 2018
A 12-year-old girl has taken a picture of what appears to be the infamous Loch Ness Monster. On holiday with her parents at the Scottish loch, Charlotte Robinson spotted something popping up out of the water about fifty feet away,... continued

The Ghosts of Black Holes from Previous Universes may be Haunting the Edge of the Universe

September 1, 2018
A group of theoretical physicists led by controversial Oxford University mathematical physicist Roger Penrose has offered new evidence that there may have been older universes that came before our own, by finding the ghosts of black holes that existed in... continued

Researchers Say that it’s Not an Aurora — so just what the heck is “STEVE”?

August 30, 2018
Early last year, a little-regarded atmospheric phenomenon gained the attention of researchers when citizen scientists drew attention to it on social media: Giving it the highly-scientific name of "Steve", this luminous purple ribbon that occasionally streaks across the sky is... continued