Amazing DNA Breakthrough Means Incredible Computers Ahead

July 20, 2017
Researchers at Harvard University have recorded the first digital movie recording in the DNA of bacteria, including having successfully retrieved the recording for playback. This demonstration, along with earlier encoding experiments involving large volumes of text, proves that the massive... continued

Astronomers find the Galaxy’s Smallest Star

July 19, 2017
Astronomers have discovered what is now the smallest known star in the galaxy, in a system roughly 600 light-years from Earth. Part of a trinary star system, the smaller of the pair, EBLM J0555-57Ab, is estimated to only be 8... continued

Are Ravens Smarter than We Thought–Maybe MUCH Smarter??

July 18, 2017
In the entirety of the animal kingdom, humanity has never held a monopoly on intelligence: considering that the concept of intelligence boils down to the ability to gather and usefully process information, this means that virtually all creatures possess at... continued

A Proposal has been made to form a Space Corps for the United States Military

July 15, 2017
A congressional committee has proposed that a new branch of the military be formed, called the United States Space Corps. As proposed in the National Defense Authorization Act for 2018, this would be the first new branch added since the... continued

Antarctica’s Larsen-C Ice Shelf has Calved Off the World’s Third Largest Iceberg

July 14, 2017
A Delaware-sized portion of Antarctica's forth-largest ice shelf calved off, sometime between July 10th and 12th, following the rapid propagation of a 127 kilometer (79 mile) long crack running through the sheet. The resulting iceberg is over 200 meters (656... continued

Local Villagers Witness Methane Explosions on the Siberian Tundra

July 13, 2017
A new crater has been blasted into the Siberian tundra by the violent release of a massive pocket of methane gas that had accumulated beneath the surface of the earth. While the massive 165-foot hole is not the first to... continued

Sea Level Rise — and its Acceleration — is Worse than we Thought

July 12, 2017
A new study published in the journal Nature has illustrated that the global rise in sea levels is worse than originally anticipated, and the rate of increase is accelerating. Between 1993 and 2014, the rate of increase jumped by 50... continued

The Song of the Sun Signals that our Star’s Activity is Slowing Down

July 8, 2017
In the music of the universe, one of the most important sounds to us here on Earth is the song the Sun sings: every system has a resonance, and especially large and energetic ones like the Sun produce sounds that... continued

New Field Study Shows Honeybee Colonies are Impacted by Commonly-Used Pesticides

July 7, 2017
A new large-scale study of neonicotinoid-based insecticides has demonstrated that the use of this common pesticide is causing damage to honeybee colonies. This is the first in-field study of the effects of the substance on bees, with previous studies being... continued

The Secret to Ancient Roman Concrete may have been Cracked — and this Might Save Coastal Populations from Sea Level Rise

July 6, 2017
Amongst the myriad secrets lost to the ancient world was the formula for Roman concrete: uncannily more robust than today's mixtures, there are ancient Roman seawalls and harbor piers, built two millennia ago, that are still standing today, whereas modern... continued