The Discovery of Ancient Tunnels in Egypt May Lead to the Lost Tomb of Cleopatra

November 16, 2022
A mysterious tunnel discovered beneath the remains of the Egyptian city of Alexandria may lead to the lost tomb of Cleopatra, according to an archaeologist with the University of Santo Domingo. Cleopatra VII Philopator was the last Queen of the Ptolemaic... continued

Area 51 Website Operator Raided by Federal Agents, Reason Unclear

November 13, 2022
Federal agents executed a "no-knock" warrant on the properties of the operator of a popular Area 51 website,, on November 3, causing extensive damage to his personal property and seizing his computer and recording equipment. The site's owner, Joerg... continued

The Pentagon’s Annual UAP Report Has Been Released, but Downplays Its Unresolved Cases

November 12, 2022
The classified version of the Pentagon's annual report on unidentified aerial phenomena was delivered to lawmakers earlier this week, with a declassified version expected to be released to the public in the coming days. Prior to the report's delayed release... continued

UN Report Identifies How Climate Change Commitments ‘Nowhere Near’ Sufficient To Meet 1.5°C Target

November 9, 2022
A new report from the United Nations predicts that the combined climate pledges of the 193 countries that have signed the Paris Agreement are insufficient to keep global temperatures from rising above 1.5°C (2.7°F) by the end of the century,... continued

America’s Top Aerospace Organization Joins the Hunt for UAP

November 2, 2022
The United States' largest aerospace organization is launching an investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena, an effort paralleling numerous governmental, academic and civilian investigations into the subject of UFOs. Named the Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena Community of Interest (UAPCI), this new investigative body... continued

Modern Autoimmune Disorders May be Genetically Linked to Bubonic Plague

October 31, 2022
An international team of researchers has identified genetic traits that appear to have enabled individuals to survive the Black Death, a bubonic plague pandemic that swept across northern Africa and Eurasia in the mid-fourteenth century. Although these genetic variations were... continued

Boston University Falsely Accused of Playing With Fire with “Role of Spike” Experiment

October 29, 2022
On October 17 the UK's the Daily Mail published an alarming article outlining a study conducted at Boston University involving a gain-of-function experiment on the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 that resulted in a pathogen so deadly that it boasted an "80% kill... continued

Empirical Evidence Proves that Ancient People Were Truly Tiny

October 26, 2022
[Update: Clarified that the fossils of more than one individual discovered at the site; the previous description implied that there was only one individual recovered.] Archaeologists have unearthed evidence that a group of "little people" that were previously featured only... continued

A New UFO Photo from NASA’s Curiosity Rover on Mars

October 22, 2022
Aside from NASA's solar-powered Ingenuity aircraft, should there be anything flying around the skies of Mars? One of the navigation cameras on board the Mars Curiosity Rover has photographed what appears to be an airborne object streaking past the rover. Taken by Curiosity's Right Navigation Camera on Sol 3613 (October... continued

‘The Silver Bullet is Coming’: Protections Expected to Shield UAP Whistleblowers in Upcoming Hearings

October 19, 2022
Protections for whistleblowers that reportedly have knowledge of research being conducted on recovered non-human craft are expected to be in place before the end of the year once the National Defense Authorization Act 2023 (NDAA) is signed into law, an event... continued