Utah Monolith Disappears–and We May Know Why (Or Not…)

November 29, 2020
The aluminum monolith that was found by a passing helicopter survey team on November 18 has now disappeared. The monolith was strikingly similar to a sculpture by artist John McCracken, "Fair" which was created in 2011. According to the New... continued

Helicopter Crew Thankfully Undisintegrated After Contact With Mysterious Monolith in Utah Desert

November 25, 2020
The crew of a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter has discovered a mysterious monolith in the middle of the desert in Southern Utah. Nestled into a red-rock cove, the 10-foot-high metal artifact appears to have been deliberately imbedded into... continued

As Above, So Below: New Study Finds Striking Similarities Between the Structure of the Universe and the Human Brain

November 23, 2020
It might seem like an unlikely team-up, but an astrophysicist and a neurosurgeon did indeed collaborate in a study examining the commonalities between one of the largest structures known to science—the vast web of galaxies that stretch across the universe,... continued

Arecibo Observatory’s Iconic Main Dish Is Slated for Demolition

November 20, 2020
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has announced that the iconic Arecibo radio telescope has been slated for demolition, following a structural assessment that found that the structure is structure is "currently at risk of an unexpected, uncontrolled collapse," according to... continued

Mood Disorders and Vivid Hallucinations: COVID-19’s Devastating Effects on the Brain

November 18, 2020
A new study has found that 1 in 5 survivors of COVID-19 develop mental illness within 90 days of contracting the disease, with patients being diagnosed with severe mood disorders, even in individuals that had no prior history of these... continued

As the Universe Expands It May Be… Heating Up?

November 16, 2020
Reports of the heat-death of the universe may have been greatly exaggerated, at least according to a new study that shows that the universe may be heating up as it expands, instead of steadily cooling as time goes on, a... continued

“You Throw (a Spear) Like a Girl”: Half of Prehistoric Hunters May Have Been Women

November 13, 2020
The common assumption that prehistoric females in hunter-gatherer societies were relegated to the role of gatherers is being upended, with the discovery of the burial site of a female Neolithic hunter in Peru leading to another study that concluded that... continued

The Fast Radio Burst Mystery May Have Been Solved by a Close-To-Home Source

November 9, 2020
  Astronomers may have solved the mystery behind the source of the enigmatic phenomenon called fast radio bursts, powerful blasts of radio waves from far outside the Milky Way Galaxy that last for mere fractions of a second, with a... continued

Two Major Storms Break Two Major Records on Both Sides of the World

November 7, 2020
Two major cyclones broke records on opposite sides of the planet over the past week, with Typhoon Goni wreaking havoc in the Pacific as the strongest cyclone to make landfall in history, and Hurricane Eta tying 2020’s over-active hurricane season in the... continued

The Giant Awakens: Arctic Methane Deposits Have Started To Thaw

November 2, 2020
Large amounts of methane have been observed escaping from the seabed off of the northeastern coast of Siberia, emanating from previously-frozen pockets of the powerful greenhouse gas, a "sleeping giant" that threatens to trigger a global warming feedback loop that... continued