Space Exploration News: The First Aircraft to Fly on Mars, and the Passing of Astronaut Michael Collins

April 30, 2021
On April 28, Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins passed away at the age of 90, following a fight with cancer. And just as the Apollo 11 astronaut and space exploration pioneer departs the Earth, NASA's Ingenuity solar-powered helicopter makes history as the... continued

Welcome to Wonderwerk Cave, Humanity’s 2 Million-Year-Old Home

April 28, 2021
  A multinational team of researchers has found evidence of human habitation in South Africa's Wonderwerk Cave stretching back in time to nearly 2 million years ago—perhaps the earliest known habitation of a cave by humans—offering a timeline of the... continued

New Coronavirus Variant Has a Potentially Deadly Triple-Mutation

April 26, 2021
A new coronavirus variant has emerged in India that has three genetic mutations that could make the virus both more deadly and transmissible. Although this new variant, called B.1.617, is still under investigation, it appears to be the product of a... continued

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Has Enabled a Monkey To Play Pong

April 24, 2021
Elon Musk's neurotechnology company Neuralink has developed a wireless implantable brain–machine interface (BMI) that has enabled a nine-year-old macaque named Pager to play the classic video game Pong using only his mind. And Pager has learned to play the fast-paced game this way extremely well.... continued

A Rare Subtropical Storm Has Formed in the South Atlantic

April 22, 2021
An extremely rare subtropical storm has formed in the South Atlantic, formally named Subtropical Storm Potira by the Brazilian Navy Hydrographic Center. Potira initially formed on April 19, with its 1-minute wind speed peaking at 85 km/h (55 mph) and the... continued

Russia Resumes Testing Its Nuclear Doomsday Torpedo

April 19, 2021
As part of the recent buildup of Russian military forces in the Arctic it has been revealed that the Kremlin is using the situation to continue tests of their nuclear-powered Poseidon 2M39 torpedo, with President Vladimir Putin requesting an update on what... continued

Verified:  US Navy Footage of UFOs Gets Seal of Authenticity from the Pentagon

April 17, 2021
New details regarding a series of UFO sightings involving the crews of US Navy destroyers operating off the coast of San Diego in July 2019 have emerged, including a video clip of a "pyramid"-shaped craft hovering over the USS Russell, along with... continued

The Missing Page to a Classified Report on the Monroe Institute Was At the Monroe Institute All Along

April 15, 2021
A missing page to a 1983 US Army document that examines the mechanics behind phenomena such as remote viewing, and out of body travel has been recovered. The document was an analysis of the techniques taught by the Gateway Experience... continued

A Cure for Cancer Could Be Made Using COVID Vaccine Technology

April 12, 2021
The new technologies used to rapidly create the highly-effective vaccines now being used to combat the coronavirus responsible for the COVDI-19 pandemic could also create medicines that could be used to fight other immune system-related illnesses, such as influenza, malaria... continued

Physics May Have a New, Fifth Fundamental Force of Nature

April 9, 2021
Independent experiments conducted on both sides of the Atlantic have started to find major cracks in the Standard Model of physics, suggesting that a previously undetected fifth fundamental force guiding the mechanics of the cosmos may exist. Within the Standard... continued