‘Vigorous Melting’ has been Discovered Deep Beneath Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’

June 4, 2024
Detailed satellite scans of a key glacier in West Antarctica have renewed warnings that a combination of meltwater and seawater flowing deep underneath the ice is causing "vigorous melting" at the base of the Thwaites Glacier—nicknamed the 'Doomsday Glacier' because of its... continued

Brighter Than the Sum of Its Parts: ‘Superradiant’ Quantum States are Stable in Biological Molecules

May 30, 2024
A new study has discovered that certain molecular structures found in biological cells are capable of maintaining a peculiar quantum state, despite the common view that biological systems like the human body are hostile to fragile processes like these. This... continued

DNA Evidence Proves that a ‘Large Black Cat’ is Prowling the UK Countryside

May 27, 2024
Conclusive evidence that a large cat is stalking the hills of northern England has been discovered, with a sample of the elusive creature's most recent known meal revealing genetic material from either a leopard or panther. The genetic material was... continued

Propellant-less Drive Experiment Produces Enough Force to Counteract Earth’s Gravity and Possibly Explain UFO Propulsion

May 23, 2024
A veteran NASA engineer has announced that his private company has made a major breakthrough in electrostatic propulsion, with one of their test devices producing at least one Earth gravity of force using only an electrical charge—without the use of... continued

‘The Government is Lying’: Attorney Mark Zaid Discusses Havana Syndrome Cover-Up

May 21, 2024
The attorney that represents numerous individuals stricken with Havana syndrome says that the U.S. Government is engaged in a cover-up aimed at hiding the true nature of the debilitating condition, and has been doing so since at least the mid-1990s—possibly... continued

Weekend-Long Auroral Displays Seen ’round the Globe During Strongest Solar Storm in Twenty Years

May 13, 2024
The most powerful solar storm in twenty years has just occurred, generated from a large cluster of sunspots that produced five X-class solar flares and three coronal mass ejections that resulted in a weekend-long geomagnetic storm strong enough to cast... continued

The World’s Largest Greenhouse Gas Capture Facility Just Went Online in Iceland

May 11, 2024
The world's largest carbon dioxide capture facility has begun operations in Hellisheiði, Iceland, a pivotal milestone in the development of what is known as direct air capture (DAC), technologies that are aimed at scrubbing the atmosphere of excess carbon dioxide.... continued

The Evidence for Planet Nine has been Strengthened by a New, More Detailed Simulation

May 6, 2024
A new, more expansive model of the solar system has yielded further evidence of the existence of the elusive Planet Nine, with the new, more detailed simulation strengthening the case for the presence of a large celestial body lurking the... continued

This Scale Goes up to Six: The Case for Revising Hurricane Categories

May 2, 2024
A proposal to amend the current five-level scale used to measure the severity of hurricanes to include a sixth category for the most powerful of tropical cyclones has been put forward, as a method of improving the classification—and thus the... continued

A Rift Between the DoD and Intelligence Community Is Forming Over the Proposed Kona Blue UAP Recovery Program

April 29, 2024
A "split" between the U.S. intelligence community and the Department of Defense appears to be growing after the proposal for a UAP crash/retrieval program called Kona Blue, made to the Department of Homeland Security in 2011 was unveiled in AARO’s... continued