A Breakthrough in Nuclear Research has Produced Surplus Fusion Energy

December 15, 2022
On August 8, 2021, researchers at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) in Livermore, California succeeded in initiating nuclear ignition in a small capsule of heavy hydrogen isotopes, proving that the fusion process could be started by using powerful lasers; now, hot on... continued

Ocean Dwelling Culprit Behind Great White Shark Mutilation Mystery

December 13, 2022
The bodies of great white sharks that have had their liver removed with what has been described as “almost surgical precision” have been washing ashore along the coast of South Africa for the last five years, with the latest batch... continued

Ancient DNA Reveals a Lush Ecosystem that Thrived in Northern Greenland Two Million Years Ago

December 11, 2022
Researchers have recovered what has been found to be the world's oldest DNA from sediments in Northern Greenland, with the two million-year-old genetic fragments revealing a landscape from a time when the now-barren Arctic landscape was lush with a variety... continued

Signs That Black Holes Might Be Wormholes May Have Already Been Detected

December 7, 2022
In theoretical physics an Einstein-Rosen bridge—more commonly known as a wormhole—is a structure connecting two points in spacetime that can, at least under the right circumstances, offer a shortcut between those two points in space, with the apparent distance through... continued

Volcanoes Speak Up – Mauna Loa Erupts in Hawaii, and New Data From Yellowstone Supervolcano

December 6, 2022
After decades of slumber, the world's largest active volcano has awakened, with a new eruption starting at the summit of Hawaii's Mauna Loa late last month; and although there is no danger of an imminent eruption from the caldera at... continued

Intelligence in Octopuses Linked to a Genetic Trait Found in People

December 1, 2022
In yet another case of convergent evolution, octopuses appear to have developed a type of genetic structure that is associated with complex brains, a trait shared by vertebrates such as humans, a potential key to understanding how two species that are... continued

“Radiance Technologies” Hires Former DoD Personnel, Likely to Reverse Engineer UFOs

November 28, 2022
An Alabama-based defense contractor is getting ready to take on potential government contracts to reverse engineer exotic UFO technologies by hiring two key former Defense Department personnel with experience in UAP investigations. Founded in 1999, Radiance Technologies is a defense and space... continued

‘Not Enough for People and Planet’: COP27 Climate Talks Fail to Improve Emission Reductions

November 23, 2022
The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, better known as COP27, took place earlier this month in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, a meeting of international representatives with the goal of addressing climate change policy. While the delegates managed to hammer out... continued

Multiple COVID-19 Infections Linked to Increased Risk of Serious Health Complications

November 22, 2022
It turns out that although contracting COVID-19 will increase an individual's immunity against future infections of the pandemic-causing coronavirus, repeat infections appear to increase the chances of developing serious complications associated with the disease, such as long-term heart, lung or... continued

First Since Apollo 17 – NASA Sends Crew-capable Rocket to the Moon

November 18, 2022
50 years after man last set foot on the Moon, NASA has finally launched the first spacecraft in a series of missions that is planned to return humanity to our nearest neighbor. "Liftoff of Artemis 1!" NASA commentator Derrol Nail... continued