Have We Found an Alien Civilization?

October 16, 2015
Civilian astronomers participating in the Kepler Planet Hunters program have identified unusual patterns in the light output of a star that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye -- patterns that are being caused by an as yet unknown process.... continued

Another Climate Study Confirms It: the Superstorm Scenario is Real

October 15, 2015
A new climatological study has illustrated the potential for a scenario similar to the one depicted in Whitley Strieber and Art Bell's book 'The Coming Global Superstorm', where global warming will lead to a sudden drop in global average temperatures.... continued

NASA: “We’re Going to Colonize Mars”

October 14, 2015
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has announced their plans for colonizing Mars, of which includes plans for permanent 'Earth Independent' settlements that would be capable of operating for extended missions with little or no material support needed from Earth.... continued

The Record Breaking Summer of 2015

October 12, 2015
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released average global temperature data for the month of August, which shows that it was the hottest August on record, and also the hottest month of 2015. This also marks this year's summer... continued

Atlantic “Cold Spot” Puzzles Scientist

October 9, 2015
Despite a year of record-breaking temperatures, there is one region of the globe, in the North Atlantic Ocean just south of Greenland, where the temperature remains below average. This phenomenon is being called the "Atlantic Blob," is structurally similar to... continued

Does New FBI Memo Prove THREE Crashes at Roswell?

October 8, 2015
A UFO museum that opened in Japan in 1994 was apparently the subject of Federal Bureau of Investigation scrutiny when it opened, according to recent Freedom of Information Access requests. Employees at Hakui Centre for UFO Research came across what... continued

Countries Rush to Ban GMO Foods–But NOT US

October 7, 2015
In response to recent approval of a genetically-modified corn product by the European Union, nineteen out of the twenty-eight European Union member countries have decided to opt out of the use of that crop, effectively banning their use. The list... continued

Legendary Tomb of Nefertiti May Have Been Found

October 6, 2015
Queen Nefertiti: wife to the pharaoh Akhenaten, co-founder of a revolution in Ancient Egypt's religion, suspected stepmother to Tutankhamun, and also had possibly reigned as the pharaohness Neferneferuaten herself. Despite being such an influential and well-documented figure in ancient Egypt,... continued

Mystery Howls Prompt Bigfoot Investigation

October 3, 2015
The residents of a community on the north end of Vancouver Island in Canada are being haunted by mysterious howls coming from the woods, of which are also accompanied by sightings of the elusive creature known as Sasquatch, or Bigfoot.... continued

Joaquin Flood Devastates South Carolina

October 2, 2015
Hurricane Joaquin's winds missed the US Eastern Seaboard, but the storm caused massive flooding in South Carolina, resulting in at least 19 deaths, burst dams, flooded streets, highways and homes, and serious and growing water shortages due to damage to water... continued