Ocean Warming Confirmed

March 24, 2000
A critical part of the sudden climate change scenario is that the oceans must warn enough to melt substantial amounts of polar ice. This will flood the polar oceans with fresh water, causing temperatures in these oceans to rise. This... continued

Gales Plague American West

March 24, 2000
Unusually high winds swept across the San Gabriel valley in California on March 21 and much of Utah on March 20. The Utah winds were hurricane force, clocked at over 70 miles an hour, with gusts into the eighties. In... continued

Biggest Ever Iceberg in Antarctic

March 24, 2000
What is probably the largest iceberg ever recorded has broken off of the Ross Ice Shelf in the Antarctic. The berg is roughly twice the size of the state of Delaware. The break has occurred during the latter part of... continued

New Research Say Rapid Global Warming On The Way

March 24, 2000
Scientists at Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, say that a study of long-term weather cyclesconfirms that the earth is presently in a period of rapid global warming. If this process continues, it is likely... continued

UFOs Sweep Across China, Government Responds Sensibly

March 5, 2000
Beginning in December, 1999, UFO sightings began to decline in the United States and the western world in general, while sighting reports exploded in China. The western press, in general responded with a much milder sneer than it normally reserves... continued

Higher Dimensions May Be Large

March 5, 2000
Science News - What does this cryptic headline mean? Just this: unlike science fiction writers, physicists have always theorized that higher dimensions must be extremely small, so small that they could not possibly house anything like a living creature. So... continued

Another Weird Alien Photo

January 30, 2000
This photo has been circulating on the internet, allegedly from an anonymous source. It was made by a special effects group for use in a web-based effects class. It has also been used in various other situations. There is no... continued

Fastwalker Shadows Moon

January 30, 2000
A video has been made of the moon that shows a 'fastwalker' or shadow racing across its surface. This is just one of thousands of unexplained lunar phenomena that have been observed over the years, but it is one of... continued

One GOES Photo Question Resolved, Another Appears

January 30, 2000
It seems most likely that the controversial GOES-8 photograph that I put on the website last week, and that was the object of a half-hour discussion on Dreamland on January 24, is a picture of the moon. This is not... continued

GOES Photo Analysis

January 23, 2000
These photos were taken by the GOES 8 satellite of an unknown object claimed to be a shadow of the moon. However, the so-called shadow isn't being cast on anything, so it is hard to conclude that it is anything... continued