Mt. Everest is Shrinking

December 6, 2000
UPI, London Telegraph, Xinhua, Drudge - Mount Everest, the world?s highest mountain peak, is shrinking as a result of global warming. Researchers at China?s State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping discovered that the thickness of snow of Everest?s peak has... continued

World’s Smallest Polluters To Take Biggest Hit

December 6, 2000
Countries that pollute the least will suffer the most from global warming. The newly formed Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research in Britain predicts that some countries will warm up more than twice as much as others during the coming... continued

Rising Seas Peril Lowlands, Islands

December 6, 2000
New Scientist, NYT - The waters are rising. We may soon say goodbye to Tuvalu and Kiribati. Goodbye the Maldives (and Florida). And goodbye Holland, which is especially unfair for the nation that is hosting the UN summit on global... continued

Mars Discovery ‘Of Huge Importance’

December 5, 2000
High resolution NASA photos of Mars show evidence of ancient lakes and shallow seas. Why is this important? Because these are perfect places to discover fossils. In 1996, what may be microfossils were discovered in a Martian meteorite that had... continued

Weird Material Covers Florida Property

December 5, 2000
'Sticky stuff' that police say they found covering a family?s home, car and yard in Fruit Cove, Florida on November 13 has health experts baffled. Police officials say they don?t know what to make of the incident and neither does... continued

Alien Bacteria May Have Been Found

December 4, 2000
UPI, London Daily Mail - Scientists in Wales have discovered a tiny form of life that may have been dropped into Earth?s atmosphere by a passing comet. Researchers say that in the filter of a high-flying balloon, operated by the... continued

Men Don’t Listen? What?

December 4, 2000
A Special Report from Anne Strieber I knew it! An Associated Press story from November 29, 2000 says that men really do listen with only half their brains. In a study of 10 men and 10 women, brain scans showed... continued

Lumeloid May Spark Clean Energy Revolution

December 3, 2000
In Whitley Strieber's 1984 book Nature's End, he mentioned a revolutionary new solar energy converter called Lumeloid by its inventor, Dr. Alvin Marks. This material was capable of converting sunlight into electricity at a 50% efficiency rate. As such, it... continued

Companies Admit Genseed Can’t Be Controlled

December 1, 2000
NYT - After Genetically contaminated StarLink corn, which can only be fed to cattle, was recently found in the corn used in taco shells, American seed manufacturers have admitted that they cannot control the spread of Genseed and can?t guarantee... continued

New TWA Flight 800 Theory

December 1, 2000
NYT, National Review, New York R - Elaine Scarry is a Harvard English professor who thinks she has figured out what caused the crash of TWA Flight 800, as well as several other recent air crashes. Flight 800 exploded after... continued