Phoenix UFO Flap Happening Right Now and You Can Join the Watch!

July 26, 2000
A red UFO of a type that was christened "Bubba" during the many hundreds of sightings that took place in Gulf Breeze, Florida has appeared five times in recent nights over Phoenix. If you live in the Phoenix area, you... continued

Mad Cow Deaths Increase–Experts Alarmed

July 26, 2000
It now appears that an epidemic of human mad cow disease is in its initial stages in Great Britian. If this is true, experts estimate that as many as 500,000 Britons could die of the disease over the next 30... continued

Flight 800–The Mystery That Will Not Die

July 25, 2000
Despite a massive effort by the government and its train of media supplicants--CNN, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post and all the usual suspects--the TWA Flight 800 mystery will not die. On July 17, after a news conference... continued

Biggest Solar Flare In Ten Years Striking This Weekend

July 15, 2000
The largest solar flare since 1989 erupted on the surface of the sun Friday. The flare was followed by a coronal mass ejection which blasted millions of tons of electrically charged particles and magnetic energy into space. This material is... continued

Mexico City UFO Wave

July 12, 2000
As of 1:00PM 07/12/00, people were taking to the streets in Mexico City to observe what appears to be an extensive UFO wave unfolding this afternoon. Jaimie Maussan, prominent Mexican journalist and UFO authority, reports that the media is being... continued

Mirror Worlds Could Be All Around Us

July 6, 2000
New Scientist - Scientists suspect that an entire mirror universe could be present, including mirror galaxies, mirror stars and planets, even mirror life, and this notion is about to be tested. The existence of mirror worlds is suspected because of... continued

Global Warming Intensifies–Heat Wave Sears SE Europe

July 6, 2000
Southeastern europe was struck by an unprecedented heat wave this week, with temperatures reaching 107 in Romania and 111 in Greece. The extraordinary heat led Romanian authorities to tell government workers to stay at home, as hundreds of fires broke... continued

Vatican Publishes Third Secret of Fatima – Or Does It?

June 26, 2000
The Vatican today published what is purported to be the Third Secret of Fatima. The "secret" included vague references to some sort of apocalyptic vision, but the Vatican said that the events appeared to have already happened. Why the Church... continued

Dreamland Goes to Four Hours

June 21, 2000
Effective with the June 25 show, Dreamland is going to a four-hour format. The new time will be 6-10 Pacific Coast Time. Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will... continued

Second Quake in 4 Days Hits Iceland

June 21, 2000
Iceland has experienced two significant earthquakes in the past four days. The second quake, which occurred shortly after midnight on Wednesday, was felt throughout the island and measured 6.6 on the Richter scale. Iceland, which is volcanically active, experiences many... continued