DNA Supercomputer On The Way

October 18, 1999
A single strand of DNA contains more potential computing power than a thousand supercomputers. If DNA segments are used as data bits, trillions of molecular chains can be chemically combined. The result is that computations can be carried out in... continued

Icebergs Disappear

October 18, 1999
For only the second time since monitoring began in 1912, there have been no icebergs reported in North Atlantic shipping lanes. The International Ice Patrol reports that anywhere up to a few thousand bergs normally drift southward from western Greenland... continued

NORAD UFO Explanation Collapes

October 18, 1999
On the night of September 6-7, there were extensive UFO sightings in the Tampa area. The description of these sightings were eerily similar to those reported from Oregon to California on September 1. The sightings involved objects streaking through the... continued

Massive Hurrican Menaces US Coast, Another On the Way

September 15, 1999
Hurricane Floyd appears poised to strike the Florida coast with extreme force, and Hurricane Gert is gathering strength behind it in the south Atlantic. Floyd is an exceptional storm, having grown to Category 5 in just a few days. In... continued

New Quantum Weirdness Theory Stuns Physics

May 14, 1999
New Scientist - Physicist Mark Hadley of the University of Warwick claims that he has solved the problem of quantum weirdness. Particles at the subatomic level remain in a fuzzy state called "superposition" until something affects them, whereupon they instantly... continued

Massive Storms Smash Middle America and China

May 12, 1999
From Oklahoma through Kansas and into Missouri, a storm system of unprecedented ferocity marched through the night of May 3-4, 1999. Storms like these had not been seen since April 3-4, 1974 when more than 300 people were killed during... continued

Antarctic Ice Loss Unprecedented in 1998

May 12, 1999
An area of ice the size of Rhode Island disappeared from ice shelves surrounding the Antarctic Peninsula in 1998. This ice holds back the many glaciers that feed into the area, and its loss threatens to destabilize the continental ice... continued

Whitley Strieber Does Art Bell Show

May 11, 1999
Whitley Strieber hosted the Art Bell Show in limited markets on the nights of April 27 and 28. Strieber hosted the program at his own request, as part of a process of testing possible guest hosts for the show. When... continued

Megadrought Predicted by Meteorological Group

May 11, 1999
World Watch - A study published in the December 1998 Bulletin of the American Meterological Society suggests that long-term climate patterns could result in droughts of unprecedented severity in the United States. Records show that droughts like the seven-year dust... continued

Quantum Entanglement Dethrones Uncertainty Principle

March 22, 1999
A stunning revision of quantum theory has effectively replaced Heisenberg?s uncertainty principle with the concept of quantum entanglement. According to Heisenberg, writing in the early years of this century, both the momentum and position of a particle cannot be known... continued