Foreign Press Questions U.S. Election

December 26, 2000
Please note that this is not a statement of opinion, but a news item that communicates the facts as they are being reported abroad. It does not necessarily reflect Whitley Strieber's personal views about the election. As unofficial recounts of... continued

Possible Reason for Nasca Lines Discovered

December 26, 2000
UFOnews1 - The Nasca lines are images made from lines of stones in Peru, some over a mile long, in the shapes of birds and mammals, including a hummingbird, a monkey and a man. There are also geometric shapes, such... continued

Gene Manipulation Doubles Life Span

December 25, 2000
Scientists have been able to double the life spans of fruit flies by manipulating one of their genes. Someday soon, they may be able to do it for us. Scientists have named the gene INDY for "I?m Not Dead Yet."... continued

Will the Internet Become Conscious?

December 25, 2000
A group of Silicon Valley scientists have met to discuss whether or not the internet is or could become a conscious entity. The astrophysicist Larry Smarr explained that the Internet is evolving into a single vast "planetary supercomputer," made up... continued

Experts Say Popo Set to Blow Again

December 24, 2000
As of December 24, low-level exhalations of gas and steam remain the only sign of activity within the Popocatepetl volcano 35 miles from Mexico City. However, experts continue to warn that the volcano is dangerous, and have predicted another significant... continued

Camarillo UFO Spotted by Dreamland Listener

December 23, 2000
On December 17, Dr. Roger Leir reported on the annual sighting of what has come to be known as the Camarillo UFO, because it has returned to the same place in California during the same time period 5 years in... continued

Cosmic Christmas Gift: A Partial Eclipse

December 23, 2000
NASA, Sky & Telescope - A solar eclipse is due on Christmas day. It will be a partial eclipse of 72%, which is enough to dim down the skies across parts of North America. If you live in the Pacific... continued

Stunning UFO Photo Over Popo

December 22, 2000
A professional photographer for the Mexican newspaper Milenio took a remarkable photograph of a brightly lighted object racing toward the Popocatepetl volcano near Mexico City on Tuesday, December 19 at 6:10 AM. The photograph is a 20 sec. time exposure... continued

Winter Solstice Start of Ancient Festive Season

December 21, 2000
Today is winter solstice--the day the sun appears to stand still before beginning its journey back from the southern sky. Throughout human history, this has been a day of celebration, and in many cultures the beginning of weeks of celebration... continued

No Surf & Turf in Europe as Food Problems Worsen

December 21, 2000
NYT - Europeans, who have been avoiding beef since the rampant spread of Mad Cow Disease there, have now been told it is unsafe to eat fish. Scientists there warn that unacceptablyhigh levels of industrial chemicals have been found in... continued