Religious Group Plans to Clone Human Beings

December 11, 2000
Sunday Times of London, Washington Post, Techo-Eugenics Email Newsletter - Members of the Raelian religion, which believes that human beings were created by extraterrestrial scientists, said they have begun trying to clone a ten-month-old girl who died earlier this year.... continued

Was Princess Di Murdered? MI6 Agent Speaks Out

December 8, 2000
Nexus - In the January issue of Nexus Magazine, there is a sworn statement by Richard Tomlinson, a former MI6 officer, stating that British Intelligence is hiding important information about Princess Diana?s death. According to his story, in 1992 he... continued

Scotland UFO Wave Rivals Mexico’s

December 8, 2000
The Edinburgh, Scotland Newsletter, Scotland UFO Sightings Database - Scotland may be replacing Mexico as the hottest new center for UFOs. Edinburgh has become one of the UFO capitals of the world. Interestingly, UFO activity in Scotland started a long... continued

Linda Moulton Howe’s Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles

December 8, 2000
Linda Moulton Howe is America's leading edge science reporter. By being careful to never explore beyond the limits of solid scientific credibility, she has built an unchallenged reputation for accurate reporting in the most difficult areas that science has to... continued

Unexpected Glacier Melt May Drown Vast Areas

December 7, 2000
Word has just leaked out that the ice sheet that covers Greenland is melting. This means we could face a rise in sea levels that will flood huge areas in the world?s most populated regions, according to a report by... continued

Insurance Expert Says Storms Could Bankrupt World

December 7, 2000
The world?s sixth-largest insurance company warns that property damage due to global warming could bankrupt the world by 2065. Dr. Andrew Dlugolecki, a director at CGNU, Britain?s largest insurance group, told delegates at the recent climate change conference in the... continued

Mt. Everest is Shrinking

December 6, 2000
UPI, London Telegraph, Xinhua, Drudge - Mount Everest, the world?s highest mountain peak, is shrinking as a result of global warming. Researchers at China?s State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping discovered that the thickness of snow of Everest?s peak has... continued

World’s Smallest Polluters To Take Biggest Hit

December 6, 2000
Countries that pollute the least will suffer the most from global warming. The newly formed Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research in Britain predicts that some countries will warm up more than twice as much as others during the coming... continued

Rising Seas Peril Lowlands, Islands

December 6, 2000
New Scientist, NYT - The waters are rising. We may soon say goodbye to Tuvalu and Kiribati. Goodbye the Maldives (and Florida). And goodbye Holland, which is especially unfair for the nation that is hosting the UN summit on global... continued

Mars Discovery ‘Of Huge Importance’

December 5, 2000
High resolution NASA photos of Mars show evidence of ancient lakes and shallow seas. Why is this important? Because these are perfect places to discover fossils. In 1996, what may be microfossils were discovered in a Martian meteorite that had... continued