Camarillo UFO Spotted by Dreamland Listener

December 23, 2000
On December 17, Dr. Roger Leir reported on the annual sighting of what has come to be known as the Camarillo UFO, because it has returned to the same place in California during the same time period 5 years in... continued

Cosmic Christmas Gift: A Partial Eclipse

December 23, 2000
NASA, Sky & Telescope - A solar eclipse is due on Christmas day. It will be a partial eclipse of 72%, which is enough to dim down the skies across parts of North America. If you live in the Pacific... continued

Stunning UFO Photo Over Popo

December 22, 2000
A professional photographer for the Mexican newspaper Milenio took a remarkable photograph of a brightly lighted object racing toward the Popocatepetl volcano near Mexico City on Tuesday, December 19 at 6:10 AM. The photograph is a 20 sec. time exposure... continued

Winter Solstice Start of Ancient Festive Season

December 21, 2000
Today is winter solstice--the day the sun appears to stand still before beginning its journey back from the southern sky. Throughout human history, this has been a day of celebration, and in many cultures the beginning of weeks of celebration... continued

No Surf & Turf in Europe as Food Problems Worsen

December 21, 2000
NYT - Europeans, who have been avoiding beef since the rampant spread of Mad Cow Disease there, have now been told it is unsafe to eat fish. Scientists there warn that unacceptablyhigh levels of industrial chemicals have been found in... continued

Popo Danger Appears to Disappear

December 21, 2000
After erupting more dramatically Monday and Tuesday than it has in 1,200 years, according to scientists, the Popocatepetl volcano 35 miles from Mexico City staged a sudden shutdown. This was not the ominous pause that volcanologists had feared, which would... continued

Huge New Popo Eruptions, Major Event May Be Next

December 20, 2000
Mexican authorities were on maximum alert Tuesday afternoon as el Popo began to show signs of a possible serious eruption, and a glacier at the summit was endangered by rising surface temperatures. Red-hot rocks the size of beach balls were... continued

Search for Mammoths in Thailand

December 20, 2000
In a twist on the Sasquatch legend, scientists in Thailand have acted on videotape evidence that pre-historic mammoths may still be living in the remote forests of northern Thailand. Princess Rangsrinopadorn Yokol, a conservationist who is a member of Thailand?s... continued

Panel Urges US to Label Genfoods

December 20, 2000
NYT - A biotechnology committee formed by the U.S. and the European Union is expected to recommend that the United States toughen its regulation of genetically modified foods. Consumers, they feel, should have the "right of informed choice," meaning that... continued

Sudden Climate Change Proven, Says Scientist

December 19, 2000
It has been discovered that a dramatic rise in temperature hit Antarctica about 19,000 years ago, followed by an equally sudden decline. Like similar data from Greenland ice cores, this suggests that global climate change may not happen gradually, but... continued