New TWA Flight 800 Theory

December 1, 2000
NYT, National Review, New York R - Elaine Scarry is a Harvard English professor who thinks she has figured out what caused the crash of TWA Flight 800, as well as several other recent air crashes. Flight 800 exploded after... continued

Strange New Alien Body Evidence

December 1, 2000
Famed European UFO researcher Michael Hesemann has developed some extremely strange and disturbing evidence of possible aliens bodies. It seems that similar forms have been found in the Republic of Georgia in the Ural Mountains and in Puerto Rico. Both... continued

New Florida Suits Allege Massive Vote Fraud

November 29, 2000
Florida Sun Sentinel - A cross section of civil rights and legal groups from the NAACP to the National Lawyers Association is preparing to file suits alleging massive voting fraud and intimidation in Florida. They claim that there is evidence... continued

Mad Cow Disease May Be New Human Plague

November 29, 2000
An 11 month-old baby girl in Britain is suffering from the human form of Mad Cow Disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Disease or BSE) which she caught while in her mother?s womb. Her mother died from the disease seven months after... continued

Air Force Satellite to Track UFOs

November 28, 2000
Reuters - IBM announced that it has sold the U.S. Air Force a supercomputer to help it identify unidentified flying objects. The Air Force?s Space Surveillance Team, based in Maui, Hawaii, will use the supercomputer to hunt for old satellites,... continued

UK to Require Cellphone Warning Label

November 28, 2000
Reuters, CNN - The British government plans to compel stores selling cell phones to give customers written health warnings. The proposed pamphlet would explain that current research is going on to establish safety guidelines for cell phones and they should... continued

Monsoons Kill Hundreds as Climate Talks Fail

November 28, 2000
UPI, AP, NYT - Monsoon rains inundated the island of Sumatra Monday, causing landslides that swept more than 100 people into raging rivers and death. The Jakarta Post described the flooding as the worst since 1953. "We are looking for... continued

Rotenone May Be Parkinson Culprit

November 27, 2000
New Scientist - COMMON PESTICIDE MAY CAUSE PARKINSON'S Rats that are given small doses of a common pesticide develop symptoms that are eerily similar to Parkinson?s Disease. "It?s a very provocative study," says Abraham Lieberman, medical director of the National... continued

Listeners Report Dreamland Genfoods Show Cut

November 27, 2000
On November 26, Dreamland ran a program with Ben Lilliston of the Institute for Agricultural and Trade policy. Mr. Lilliston, co-author of Genetically Engineered Food: A Self-Defense Guide For Consumers, advocates testing, control and labeling of genetically altered foods. This... continued

Gene-Altered Corn is on the Loose

November 25, 2000
Reuters, Kyodo News Service - It was discovered in September that many brands of taco shells and chips contained StarLink, a biotech variety of corn that has not been approved for human consumption. It was announced Tuesday, November 21, that... continued