Antarctica ?Melting Before Our Eyes?

March 12, 2001
Antarctica is melting faster and further than ever before, environmental ministers meeting in Nairobi were warned in February, in a dramatic phone call direct from the frozen continent. Famed yachtsman and explorer Sir Peter Blake called the ministers attending the... continued

Bullying and Murder in Our Schools

March 9, 2001
A national culture of violence and large schools that breed alienation are behind the U.S. school shootings, according to Jerome Freiberg of the University of Houston. They happen most often at large rural or suburban schools, "where people would never... continued

Scientific Studies Suggest Soul Survives

March 9, 2001
Taken together, two recent scientific studies offer powerful evidence that the soul persists after death, and that souls can be communicated with. The first of these studies involves near-death experiences in patients without enough electrical activity in their brains to... continued

Power Line Link to Childhood Cancer Established

March 9, 2001
High voltage power lines have been definitely linked to cancer for the first time. A new study, by the English scientist Richard Doll, who discovered the link between smoking and lung cancer in the 1960s, shows that children living near... continued

‘Claw’ Identified as Known Substance

March 9, 2001
Close encounter witness Gary Lowrey submitted an object thought to be a claw from an alien creature that was left behind during a violent abduction attempt at his home. Mr. Lowrey has had an extensive abduction and visitation sequence, which... continued

Millions of Monarch Butterflies Killed in Mexico

March 8, 2001
Loggers in Mexico may have deliberately wiped out 22 million Monarch butterflies in order to regain the use of forest land that has been set aside for a protected butterfly habitat. Monarchs migrate each year to the same area of... continued

Extraordinary John Glenn Statement on Frasier-Real or Fiction?

March 8, 2001
The following quote was taken from the Frasier TV show, aired on March 6th, 2001. Former astronaut, SenatorJohn Glenn said: "Back in those glory days, I was very uncomfortable when they asked us to say things that I didn't want... continued

Heart Attacks Increase in Young

March 8, 2001
The death rate from cardiac arrest rose among young American adults in the 1990's, despite advances in research and medicine. They were 10 percent higher in men and 32 percent higher in women. Cardiac arrest occurs when the heart suddenly... continued

NASA Trying to Contact Pioneer 10

March 8, 2001
NASA is trying to contact Pioneer 10, a spacecraft it launched 29 years ago, which is now 7 billion miles away. The satellite hasn't been heard from since August and may be gone for good, its signal too far out... continued

World Weather Continues Disturbed

March 6, 2001
World weather remains disturbed, with powerful snowstorms enveloping parts of the United States and Russia, flooding in Malawi and Mozambique and a wet winter storm pounding the US west coast. The flooding along the Zambezi in Africa appears to be... continued