Explosive Jim Marrs Story on the JFK-UFO Connection

June 18, 2000
Researcher Jim Marrs, one of the leading experts on the Kennedy assassination, has published an article about the JFK-UFO connection, revealing that Kennedy was aware of the UFO issue and concerned about it. Marrs details numerous points of connection between... continued

Updated Hurricane Forecast: Continued Above Average Activity

June 10, 2000
The highly regarded forecast team led by Dr. William Gray at Colorado State University's Department of Atmospheric Sciences issued an updated forecast for the 2000 hurricane season on June 7. Previous forecasts had called for moderating hurricane activity in the... continued

NOAA Reports Hottest US Spring On Record. Heatwaves Worldwide

June 10, 2000
The National Climatic Data Center reported yesterday that meteorological spring - March through May - averaged 55.5 degrees Fahrenheit over theUnited States. That's 0.4 degrees warmer than the previous record, set in 1910. The agency also noted that the United... continued

Strong Geomagnetic Storms on the Way

June 7, 2000
An official Space Weather Advisory issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as Space Weather Bulletin #6 at 12:28PM MDT on June 6, 2000 states that a large solar flare resulted in a very powerful coronal ejection. This mass... continued

Strong Quake Shakes Turkey

June 6, 2000
An earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter Scale has struck north central Turkey, causing panic in the capital, Ankara. The quake was centered on the town of Cerkes, 60 miles north of Ankara. One person has been reported dead. The... continued

Sumatra Death Toll Grows

June 6, 2000
Apocalypse Times - The June 5 Sumatra quake has left at least 100 people dead, and authorities do not believe that all bodies have as yet been uncovered. This quake, measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale caused severe damage in... continued

Three Major Volcanoes Active

June 6, 2000
Mt. Etna in Italy, Mt. Popopocatapetl in Mexico, and Mt. Cameroon in the Cameroons have all experienced activity in recent days (June 7, 2000). Mt. Popocatapetl ejected ash to 18,000 feet on May 23, 2000, then again on June 6,... continued

Prestigious British Paper Follows Boston Globe in Publishing Rational UFO Story

June 5, 2000
Observer - Leading British Sunday newspaper the Observer has published a story suggesting that the British Ministry of Defence is not being candid with the public about its interest in UFOs, and that some dramatic recent sightings remain unexplained. The... continued

Genfoods Genes Found to Jump Species Barrier

May 30, 2000
Genetic foods are being grown freely in the United States without any significant public oversight. The reason is that the genfoods industry has convinced regulatory and political bodies that modified genes cannot spread from one species to another and mutation... continued

Faster Than Light Experiment Stuns Physics

May 30, 2000
Scientists at the NEC Research Institute in Princeton, N. J., have submitted a paper to Nature for peer review that describes an experiment in which light was accelerated to 300 times its normal speed, so fast that the pulse exited... continued