Early Earth may have been Hit Head On by Mars-Sized Planet

February 9, 2016
The formation of the Earth-Moon system has long been theorized to have been heavily influenced by the impact of a Mars-sized celestial body, commonly called "Theia" by scientists. The Moon's formation is theorized to have occurred when this object struck... continued

Free-Energy Tech Company Steorn Offices were Bugged

February 7, 2016
Dublin-based technology development company Steorn has revealed that their offices had been bugged by an unknown party. Steorn, itself having stirred up controversy with the announcement of their "Orbo" technology, a source of "free, clean and constant energy": while it... continued

Famed Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Dies

February 6, 2016
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who was part of the Apollo 14 crew that flew to the moon in 1971, has died at the age of 85. He was a naval officer and aviator, test pilot, aeronautical engineer, and NASA astronaut. As... continued

Ocean Warming has Doubled over the last Thirty Years

February 5, 2016
hidden was solved when it was found that it was being trapped deep in world's oceans. While this had granted us a minor reprieve in the otherwise measurable increase in the atmosphere's temperature, a new study has shown to what... continued

Researchers Propose Harnessing the Energy of Random Vibrations

February 4, 2016
Of the many ways energy is conveyed on our planet, one that seemingly goes unnoticed is what appears to be otherwise random vibrations, such as oscillations set up in a structure by wind passing over it, seismic energy traveling through... continued

Stephen Hawking warns that We Must Leave Earth

February 3, 2016
Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has stated a warning to humankind: , in light of all of the potential events that could spell the extinction of the human species, we must find a way to migrate into space. Citing numerous... continued

Are we reaching the Limits of what Science can Answer?

February 2, 2016
At a recent TED talk in Geneva, CERN particle physicist Harry Cliff presented his audience with a controversial new concept: science may be entering an era where "we could be facing questions that we cannot answer. Not because we don't... continued

New Evidence Found for a Large Planet in the Outer Solar System

January 30, 2016
A team of planetary scientists from the California Institute of Technology have published a paper documenting strong circumstantial evidence for a large planet with an orbit outside of Pluto's. This yet-undiscovered planet is hypothesized to be smaller than Neptune, but... continued

Did Hurricane Alex Cause a Melting Event in Greenland?

January 29, 2016
Earlier this month, the North Atlantic experienced a rare January hurricane, named Hurricane Alex. While Alex's northward track kept it in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it's arrival in the waters south of Greenland coincided with a sudden outflowing... continued

Fairy Tales may be Far More Ancient than we Realize

January 28, 2016
Fairy tales are an intrinsic part of our lives: in childhood, we are entertained and educated by the lessons imparted in their stories, and later in life, they continue to inspire and be adapted into popular culture, spawning new books,... continued