Jesus in Japan?

January 25, 2001
Shingo, a tiny farming community in Japan, claims that Jesus raised a familythere, and they say they can prove it. They call themselves Kirisuto noSato, meaning "Hometown of Christ." There are legends from sources like the Knights Templar of Jesus... continued

By Searching For Life on Mars, We May Destroy It

January 24, 2001
The harsh conditions that now exist on the surface of the planet mean that any remaining traces of life will be far beneath the surface, and Martian soil is too unstable for conventional drills. Holes bored the usual way are... continued

Scientists Try to Tune In Alien Radio Signal

January 24, 2001
In August 1977, radio astronomers in the U.S. detected what could have beena signal from intelligent life somewhere in the solar system, from the nowdismantled "Big Ear" radio telescope at Ohio University. The trouble was, itonly happened once. This signal... continued

Indonesian Volcano About To Blow

January 24, 2001
The thousands of people who live near an active volcano on Indonesia's mainisland of Java have been told to prepare to evacuate their homes. MountMerapi, near the central city of Jogjakarta, has begun spewing molten rockand ash from its crater.... continued

Major UFO Sighting in Indonesia

January 24, 2001
Six orange UFOs were seen this week in Indonesia. A woman who identified herself as Dahhlia Bidin called the New Straits Times and said, "I am seeing them are a lot of other people. It's causing a stir. Please... continued

Writer Discovers Cause of El Ninos

January 24, 2001
In a recent press release, Michael Mandeville, author of the Phoenix Trilogyabout the prophecies of Edgar Cayce, said that he has found a strongcorrelation between the outbreak of an El Nino and the location of the poleas the earth rocks... continued

Scientists Confirm Past Sudden Climate Change

January 23, 2001
British scientists have discovered a period in geologic history where abrupt cooling occurred during a period of rapid warming. While the mechanism for this event approximately two million years ago remains unknown, the event happened very suddenly, and left the... continued

Popo In Towering New Eruption

January 22, 2001
Mt. Popocatapetl, the restless volcano 35 miles from Mexico City, has once again begun erupting. On Monday, January 21, the volcano sent a massive plume of smoke and ash to an altitude of 25,000 feet. According to the Mexican volcanologists,... continued

Scientists Issue Extreme Climate Change Warning

January 21, 2001
A group of scientists from 99 different countries have issued a warning that the climate change problem has become urgent and Earth could heat up by over 40 degrees Fahrenheit this century. The report was issued by the Intergovernmental Panel... continued

Dead Man Sat at Desk for Five Days

January 21, 2001
Here's another indication that the recession may be slowing things down inthe workplace: A man sat at his desk for 5 days before his fellow officeworkers noticed he was dead. George Turklebaum, a 51 year old proof reader, suffered a... continued