Saturn’s Cassini Probe Offers New Clues for Planet Nine’s Location

April 26, 2016
Following the recent unveiling of evidence that there is an object in the outer reaches of the solar system large enough to affect the orbits of known planetoids, researchers have started looking for more clues as to where the elusive... continued

Megalithic Bosnian Sphere May Be World’s Oldest

April 23, 2016
The archaeologist behind the uncovering of Bosnia's Valley of the Pyramids has announced the discovery of what may be the world's oldest manmade stone sphere, at a site near the town of Zavidovici, Bosnia. "It is once again further proof... continued

Wild Tiger Numbers Increase for the First Time in Over a Century

April 22, 2016
The World Wildlife Fund has recently announced some good news on the animal conservation front: the number of tigers living in the wild has increased for the first time since records started to be taken in the early twentieth century.... continued

Two Major 7.0+ Earthquakes Strike Within Two Days: Are They Connected?

April 21, 2016
The geologically active region surrounding the edge of the Pacific Ocean, known as the Ring of Fire, has dramatically increased it's activity over the past week, with numerous earthquakes above magnitude 6.0 occurring in various regions along the Pacific Basin's... continued

The Groundhog Bought an Air Conditioner: February 2016 Continued to Break Temperature Records

April 20, 2016
Continuing the trend of upward-spiraling temperatures, February of 2016 broke even more records, with data from both NOAA and NASA agreeing on the trend. Last month was the hottest February on record, 1.21°C (2.18°F) above the 20th century average of... continued

Unprecedented Rain Floods Houston, 5 Dead

April 19, 2016
Houston was flooded by a record-shattering rainfall on Tuesday. Almost 17 inches of rain had fallen by 2 PM Monday, and more rain is in the forecast. Large areas of the city were flooded, and the waters rose so fast that... continued

Black Holes Offer a New Surprise: They All Spin in the Same Direction

April 19, 2016
One of astronomy's most secretive phenomena, black holes, has yielded yet another fascinating puzzle to astronomers -- and in the process, offering what may be new insight into how the universe formed. A recent survey of a region of deep... continued

More States Sign Onto Investigation into Exxon Mobil’s Climate Change Cover-up

April 16, 2016
An investigation that was launched last fall into allegations that petroleum giant Exxon Mobil misled shareholders regarding what it knew about global warming has recently gained a large number of new backers. Attorneys general from 15 states, the District of... continued

Global Warming is Changing the Way the Earth Rotates

April 15, 2016
It might only have a subtle effect, but it's still measurable: the distribution of Earth's glacial ice has an impact on how the planet spins, both in terms of the speed of our blue sphere's rotation, and in the slow... continued

John Podesta Says the American Public Can Handle Disclosure

April 14, 2016
In a recent interview with CNN, John Podesta reiterated the intentions regarding UFO disclosure stated earlier by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Clinton had previously pledged that, if elected president, she will obtain and declassify as many records as the... continued