US Navy Anti-Drone Tactics Proved Ineffective Against UAPs in 2021 Encounter

April 22, 2022
News of a new series of encounters between a US Navy warship and multiple UFOs has come to light, occurring between the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge and two balls of light in October of last year. The incident was uncovered by documentary... continued

NDEs Are More Than Just Hallucinations, According to a Major New Study

April 21, 2022
A new, peer-reviewed study on the scientific consensus regarding near-death experiences has been published by a multidisciplinary team of medical researchers titled “Guidelines and standards for the study of death and recalled experiences of death.” This study examines the scientific... continued

US Space Force Confirms Interstellar Object Impacted the Earth in 2014

April 18, 2022
The US Space Force has confirmed that a meteor that struck Earth near Papua New Guinea in 2014 was not from this Solar System, making it not only our earliest-known interstellar visitor, rather than 2017's ‘Oumuamua—but also the first known object... continued

The DOD Official Responsible for Obstructing UFO Investigations Has Been Fired

April 16, 2022
The Pentagon’s Intelligence and Security Director for Defense Intelligence and senior executive for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, Garry Reid, has been dismissed from his position within the US government, following numerous DoD... continued

The Current Solar Cycle is Far Stronger than Forecast, and May See Record-Breaking Activity

April 14, 2022
Contrary to official predictions, solar cycle 25 is getting off to an explosive start, with solar activity proving to be much higher than the weak cycle that was officially forecast, featuring a higher than expected sunspot count, numerous coronal mass... continued

Fossilized Human Footprints Evidence an Earlier Timeline of The People’s Migration Across the Americas 

April 11, 2022
A new archaeological find in New Mexico has added to a growing body of evidence that modern humans have been present in the Americas for much longer than the conventionally-accepted duration of 13,000 years, with the discovery of a set of... continued

DIA Document Investigates UFO-Related Abductions, Injuries and Sexual Encounters

April 9, 2022
A cache of documents recently released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has revealed that a report was generated for the Defense Intelligence Agency that investigated physiological effects reported by people that encountered UFOs, including various injuries, abductions, and... continued

COVID-19 Update: Shanghai in Total Lockdown, Record Cases in the UK, and One Million Deaths in the US

April 6, 2022
A resurgence in COVID-19 cases in Asia and Europe, fueled by the BA.2 Omicron subvariant, have led to the total lockdown of China's city of Shanghai, and record numbers of cases in the United Kingdom. And despite a reduction in... continued

East Antarctica Ice Shelf Collapse Takes Scientists by Surprise

April 4, 2022
An ice shelf in East Antarctica the size of Rome collapsed on March 15, the culmination of decades of an increasing warming trend seen at both of the planet’s poles. The collapse, announced in a tweet posted by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute... continued

Ukraine Endures Hypersonic Weapon Attacks and Radioactive Thieves at Chernobyl

April 2, 2022
Russian forces have used hypersonic missiles to destroy ground targets in their invasion of Ukraine—the first time such weapons have been used in combat—and a quantity of radioactive material has disappeared from a monitoring lab near the defunct Chernobyl Nuclear... continued