One of the Solar System’s Largest Storms has Changed Color from Blue to Gold

November 4, 2016
One of the solar system's largest -- and perhaps the most geometric -- storm systems surrounds the north pole of Saturn. This prominent feature of Saturn's atmosphere not only appears as a geometric hexagonal pattern, but it has also sported... continued

Renewable Energy Made Up Three-Quarters of New Electricity Sources in 2015

November 3, 2016
While the steady increase of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and the rise of global temperatures can make the state of affairs for the future of our climate seem bleak, there is positive progress being made in regards to how... continued

Archaeological Dig Finds Modern Pharmaceuticals Among Ancient Remedies

November 2, 2016
Due to a regional drought in 2007, a previously-unexplored portion of the ancient Greek city of Bathonea, situated on the shore of Lake Kucukcekmece in modern-day Turkey, was exposed, and is now accessible for archaeologists to excavate. One of the... continued

September 2016 Doesn’t Break a Monthly Temperature Record — Finally!

November 1, 2016
After 16 consecutive months of record-breaking global average temperatures, the month of September, 2016, came in merely as the second-highest in the 137-year record, 0.04°C (0.07°F) cooler than the current record holder, September 2015. While we might congratulate last September... continued

Hillary Clinton Wants to Publicly Discuss the UFO Phenomenon

October 27, 2016
It's no secret that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman John Podesta have a keen interest in the subject of unidentified flying objects -- both have publicly discussed this interest, and their intention to instigate disclosure of... continued

New Evidence of Hidden Chambers in the Great Pyramid has been Unveiled

October 26, 2016
The discovery of thermal anomalies detected on the exterior of the Great Pyramid of Giza last November indicated to researchers that there may be a series of hidden chambers and passageways there, undiscovered by modern Egyptology. In an attempt to... continued

Mystery Planet Nine’s Gravity may be Causing Sun to Tilt

October 25, 2016
Earlier this year, strong evidence for the existence of a massive, undiscovered planet that orbits beyond the reaches of Pluto was presented by the California Institute of Technology, having run detailed computer simulations of the orbits of known trans-Neptunian objects.... continued

New Horizons has a New Target, The Solar System’s Newest Member, and Another Crashed ESA Mars Probe: Space News for October, 2016

October 23, 2016
The European Space Agency just can't seem to catch a break: the organization hasn't been able to successfully land a space probe on Mars, with the latest setback marked by the identification of the crash site of ExoMars' Schiaparelli lander.... continued

The Family of UFO Conspiracy Advocate Max Spiers Thinks he may have been Murdered

October 22, 2016
On July 15, 39-year old presenter on the UFO conspiracy circuit Max Spiers was found dead on the sofa of an apartment that he was staying at in Poland. His body has since been returned to his hometown in Canterbury,... continued

The German U-boat Alleged to have Fought Off a Sea Monster May have been Found

October 21, 2016
During it's patrol of the Belfast Lough in Ireland on April 30, 1918, the HMS Coreopsis encountered a strange sight: a German U-Boat, surfaced in broad daylight, manned by a crew that seemed all too willing to surrender to the... continued