Trump Plans to Cut NASA’s Earth Science Budget

November 24, 2016
There are serious concerns over the fate of NASA's Earth science programs, in light of planned policies being released by president-elect Donald Trump. The Trump campaign's space policy advisor, Robert Smith Walker, has stated that they plan to “redirect NASA... continued

Are the Laws of Physics Actually an Extraterrestrial Intelligence?

November 22, 2016
There's a growing body of evidence that suggests that the structure of our universe is not as cold and mechanistic as science once thought it was: Many scientists have begun to question whether this reality is an artificial product, with... continued

Seven WWII Shipwrecks Disappear from the Bottom of the Java Sea

November 20, 2016
The wrecks of several warships that were sunk during the Battle of the Java Sea in 1942 have mysteriously disappeared, after marking the graves of their respective sailors for nearly three-quarters of a century. Officials are blaming commercial scrap metal... continued

Whitley Strieber on Unknowncountry and the Election

November 18, 2016
In his new journal entry, Whitley Strieber discusses the recent US presidential election in light of what he has learned from the visitors about their aims, and the ways in which president-elect Trump's stated positions conflict with those aims, and the ways... continued

Earth is Drowning: Global Sea Level Rise Grossly Underestimated

November 16, 2016
Global sea level rise has been assumed to have been rising at an average rate of 1.5 centimeters (0.6 inches) per decade since 1900, as measured by NOAA. However, a new study has cast that figure into doubt: after having... continued

Leaked NASA Study says Propellantless EM Drive Actually Works

November 15, 2016
A research paper outlining NASA's investigation into the propellantless EM Drive has been leaked, and their conclusion is that the controversial engine does indeed work. The paper hasn't been submitted for peer review yet, meaning it still requires external verification,... continued

What a Trump Presidency Means for the Environment

November 12, 2016
It would be a gross understatement to say that president-elect Donald Trump hasn't kept his intentions regarding environmental policy a secret -- he's outright declared climate change to be a hoax, promised to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency, pull out... continued

Voyager 2 may have been Hacked by Extraterrestrials

November 11, 2016
On May 23, 2010, as it was hurtling toward the boundary between our solar system and interstellar space, the Voyager 2 space probe, having traveled 10 billion miles (16 billion kilometers) over 33 years, suffered a strange malfunction. Or, at... continued

Mysterious Sonar Pings Recorded in Canada’s Arctic Territory

November 10, 2016
A mysterious pinging sound has been reported over the past year coming from the waters of Fury and Hecla Strait in Canada's Nunavut territory. The sound, apparently readily detectable by sonar equipment, is being blamed for a sudden scarcity of... continued

U.S. Intelligence Warns of Retaliation if Russian Hackers Disrupt the Presidential Election

November 8, 2016
U.S. intelligence officials are warning that the United States is considering launching cyber attacks against Russian interests, in retaliation for potential interference by Russian hackers in the upcoming American presidential election. NBC News reports of the existence of "top-secret cyber... continued