Earthquakes struck Tokyo, Sumatra and New Zealand yesterday,and an unusually high level of intense quakes continued inthe Indian Ocean area.

Dreamland guest Will Hart offers anInsightinto why this may be happening and what to expect in the future.

Geologists believe that the subduction zone along the floorof the Indian Ocean that has been generating the quakes hasbecome unstable, and that it is capable of causingadditional “great” quakes and tsunamis.

More earthquakes are inevitable, according to Dr. WouterSchellart, who is attempting to generate a predictive modelof the region. They may cause shocks and tsunamis close tonorth-western Australia.Dr Schellart believes that quakes all along the fault and,in particular, nearer Australia are building now.

Geologists can offer no explanation for the fact that quakeactivity is so high along the entire eastern half of thePacific Rim, and into South America.

Where else can you read insightful articles like this? Notin your local newspaper, or on CNN or Fox, now that the USmedia concentrates on fluff and trivia.

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