Most people like organic vegetables because they’re worried about pesticides and genetically-modified crops or they think they taste better. Now it’s been discovered that organics contain more healthy compounds than regular crops. Tests comparing organic and non-organic berries and corn show organics contain up to 58% more polyphenolics, which are compounds that act as antioxidants and may protect against heart disease and cancer.

“This really opens the door to more research in this area,” says researcher Alyson Mitchell. Her team found that organic blackberries contain 50 to 58% more polyphenolics than regular crops from neighboring fields. Organic strawberries have 19% more polyphenolics. Organics also have more ascorbic acid, which the body converts to vitamin C.

The polyphenolics in the organic crops were at the same levels as wild plants, meaning that plants sprayed pesticides may need to make less of these chemicals. Plants make polyphenolics and ascorbic acid to protect themselves from pests and drought.

Ever tried to ask a doctor about organic or GM food? Most don’t know and others won’t tell.

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