Global warming can cause floods, but it can also lead to the opposite condition: drought, because as greenhouse gases make the air warmer, it can hold more moisture. This water vapor then moves out towards the poles, making dry areas dryer and wet areas wetter. Australia is experiencing a massive drought right now.

There are indications that the Australian government may have underestimated the effects of the current drought in the important Murray-Darling river basin. While there has been some rain recently, dam levels remain around six percent. Bill Heffernan of the Northern Australia task force, told the Australian Financial Review that previous estimates had been done incorrectly, and that water resources in the area are actually 40% lower than official estimates.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard denied reports that the government had underestimated water resources, but said that irrigation in the Murray-Darling basin would be cut if there was no significant rain in June. He asked Australians to pray for rain.

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