Serious science reporters like Linda Moulton Howe have witnessed small orbs of light creating crop circles, yet the British government, where most of these appear, insists they are all manmade, and the US media goes along with this. Now we’ve discovered a possible REASON for this reticence.

There are crop circles in India too: The UFO Blogger website reports that the Agriculture Minister of India’s Madhya Pradesh State, Ramkrishna Kusmaria, saw and photographed a UFO “damaging standing crop” and causing papayas to fall from trees as it passed by emitting sparks. Because the object was observed by the agriculture minister himself, local farmers are now claiming government compensation. District Collector R.A. Khandelwal went to Sukha Village on Wednesday to asses the extent of the damage.

Each year in the United Kingdom, the National Farmer’s Union states that farmers lose hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of crops to damage from the extensive crop formations that appear there each summer season. If the British Government admitted that the formations are caused by an unknown means, there would be avenues of compensation open to farmers. However, as long as they continue to claim vandalism, it remains a police matter. In addition, the military does not have to admit that it cannot control the unknown force causing the damage.

This is similar to the US government’s vigorous denial that alien beings are abducting people from their bedrooms and cars: They don’t want to admit that there’s nothing they can do about it!

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