The skeletal remains of a prehistoric boy that were found in an underwater cave in Mexico 4 years ago. At more than 10,000 years old, they are among the oldest human bones found in the Americas. The partial skeletons of three other ancient people have also been found by divers inside flooded caves. Anthropologists hope the body will help them trace ancient human migration to the Americas from Asia, something many scientists have denied for a long time.

The August 25th edition of the Daily Mail quotes researchers as saying that the burial sites “reveal migrations coming from southeastern Asia before those known up to now as Clovis groups, which are said to have crossed from northern Asia, also via the Bering Strait, at the end of the Ice Age.” Some scientists believe that the Clovis people crossed into America from Asia around 14,000 years ago and gradually made their way down to northern Mexico over many generations. Others believe that the first people in America actually crossed from the Pacific on boats.

The corpse was discovered in 2006 by a pair of divers. Scientists studied it underwater for 3 years before feeling it was safe to bring it to the surface. We can only wonder whether or not these people were resurrected after they were buried. Did they come back in another form? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).

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