The internet has been abuzz with rumors about an apparentearth-sized object appearing near the sun in some NASA SolarTerrestrial Relations Observatory images. Some individualshave even gone so far as to identify the civilizations theseplanetary-sized “motherships” have come from. However, thereis an immediate fundamental problem with the idea that theseare unidentified flying objects. It is that their solarsides are shadowed instead of lit, as they would be ifsunlight was actually striking them. According to NASA,these are indeed video artifacts that have appeared as aresult of a failure in the Deep Space Central Data Recorder.

According to NASA, these are highly magnified compressionartifacts. The images in the video are “space weather beaconmode” images that are telemetered down nearly continuously,and are subject to loss and distortion of detail ondownload. Normally, full resolution images would beavailable on the website, but because of the DSN hardwarefailure, these ‘dirty’ low resolution images are still inthe pipeline, which will not begin transmitting highresolution images until the week of February 1.

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