If you thought the biggest problems you could face in the hospital were boredom (from time passing slowly) and getting a superbug, think again: You may find yourself in the middle of a FIST FIGHT!

Researchers think that measures are needed to prevent violence and protect nurses, not only to protect them but also to avoid compromising the quality of care for patients.

Health science researcher Jean Henry says, “There has to be an organizational culture established that has a zero tolerance policy for violence. When it comes to protecting health care workers, administrators must make it clear that they won’t tolerate any violence, verbal or physical, against workers.” And WHO is attacking hospital nurses? The patients! (at least the ones who aren’t too weak to fight).

It’s not just because that injection hurt. Henry says, “A lot of what you see now in patient violence comes from frustration with the health care system in general. The system is not doing a good job in providing adequate care. Nurses are on the front line, so patients vent at the nurse.” Some of the biggest problems occur emergency rooms, probably due to the long waits: “Even with maturity and experience, emergency room nurses are often swamped and stressed and can miss what is going on in the waiting room.”

As more and more soldier medics from Iraq and Afghanistan come home and get RN degrees, this may become less of a problem!

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