We’ve written that China, in desperate need of energy, is developing new fusion reactors despite the fact that many US scientists say that fusion doesn’t work. Now UK scientists are saying that, before any new nuclear power plants are built, we should tackle the problem of nuclear waste.

Many solutions have been proposed for this over the years, including burying it in the desert and even on the moon. It can remain lethal for a million years, so besides figuring out where to put it, one of the main problems is how to label the sites so future conscious creatures will avoid them.

Fusion reactors also produce radioactive waste, although the half-life of the radioisotopes produced by fusion tend to be less than those from fission, so there will be fewer of them to dispose of. These problems can be further reduced by a careful choice of the materials used in fusion. Some of the materials used in fusion would have half-lives of tens of years, rather than the thousands (or millions) of years for radioactive waste from fission. Fusion is most simply defined by squeezing atoms together to produce energy, rather than blasting them apart, as is done in fission.

Steve Connor and Jonathan Brown write in the Independent that the UK now has millions of cubic feet of nuclear waste stored in various sites around the country?more than enough to fill a large building five times. Exposure to even a tiny amount would kill an adult in two minutes.

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