Thank goodness! – In light of the revelation (from some of the so-called “pirates” on board) that the recent hijacking of a Russian ship may have actually been a cover up for that country shipping a missile system to Iran that would give it the power to send nukes to Israel, it turns out that nuclear bombs difficult to make (thank goodness!)

While the UN has no proof that Iran HAS a nuclear bomb, they do think the country is capable of building one and the recent discovery of another secret centrifuge there has only bolstered this belief. But it won’t be easy. In, Tuan C. Nguyen quotes atomic energy expert Leonard Spector as saying, “I’d say they’re at least a good year or more away from developing a basic weapon. They need to fabricate a bomb, and to get it on a missile warhead is tricky.”

Nguyen quotes researcher Hans Kristensen as saying, “If Iran lined up all their centrifuges and ran it long enough, after a year or so, they can enrich it to a point where it is weapons grade [but] warheads are complicated little machines. The entire detonation process happens within a tiny fraction of a second so the hard part is constructing a warhead with reliable separation capabilities throughout the various stages.”

Let’s forget about war and politics for a while, hold hands and focus on what’s really important: friendship and the anomalous experiences so many of us are having. What are they and where do they come from? While we can’t answer that conclusively, we’ve amassed a lot of good information over the years that we want to share with you at our Stargate Conference in Joshua Tree, California on October 16-18. Subscribers have a coupon that gives them $25 off!

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