Scientists just can’t leave well enough alone. They’ve produced GM corn and inedible tomatoes, but now they’ve gone too far?they?ve re-engineered chocolate.

Would we want to eat chocolate that didn’t melt? Even though it was discovered in what is now Mexico and most of it is grown in the tropics, chocolate isn’t eaten much in hot climates because it’s too messy.

Ker Than writes in that researchers in Nigeria are working on this problem. Most chocolate melts at between 77 and 91 degrees F. S.O. Ogunwolu and C.O. Jayeola, at the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, have mixed cornstarch with cocoa to produce a heat-resistant chocolate that they say still tastes good and doesn’t melt until it reaches 122 degrees F. Whether chocolate eaters in the West will accept this new texture remains to be seen.

Chocolate not only raises serotonin levels (which is why it makes us happy, which is why you should woo your valentine with it), it also helps your heart, because it contains flavanols, which help keep your arteries open. Other healthy foods are beer and wine, because they contain cancer-busting antioxidants.

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