The average female hates how she looks?but does that make her neurotic? Psychologists say that patients seeking cosmetic rhinoplasty (“nose jobs”) ARE often neurotic. And guys with thick, heavy features weren?t just attractive to Neanderthal females?they’re still considered attractive today.

Psychologists who analyzed patients who wanted new noses found that they exhibited personality abnormalities, including obsessiveness (think “Monk”). They also made false statements that make them look better compared with others.

In, Jeanna Bryner writes that “guys with bulldog-like faces have been chick magnets throughout human evolutionary history.” A study that compared the skulls of our human ancestors with those of modern humans found that women have always preferred males with relatively short upper faces. Modern examples of this look are Will Smith and Brad Pitt.

Bryner quotes paleontologist Eleanor Weston as saying, “The evolution of facial appearance is central to understanding what makes men and women attractive to each other. We have found the distance between the lip and brow was probably immensely important to what made us attractive in the past, as it does now.”

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