On the night of September 6-7, there were extensive UFO sightings in the Tampa area. The description of these sightings were eerily similar to those reported from Oregon to California on September 1. The sightings involved objects streaking through the sky, apparently on fire. Calls flooded newsrooms and police lines, in both cases. And in both cases, NORAD dismissed the sightings as re-entering Russian rocket boosters. The Russian embassy told Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center (www.ufocenter.com) that Russia did not allow booster re-entry over the US.

In both cases, there were also reports of large triangular craft seen in the area. These reports were more-or-less dismissed. However, a witness made a videotape of the triangular object over Tampa, and as a result, NORAD?s cover story has collapsed. The video clearly shows a triangular object with multicolored running lights, maneuvering under control.

Is this an alien spacecraft entering the atmosphere and using the returning satellite debris as a cover for its movements, or a secret human-designed craft doing the same thing? There is at present no way to tell. But one thing is abundantly clear: an intelligently guided craft was seen in Tampa and recorded on videotape. It can be inferred that the reports from the West Coast of triangular objects being seen in conjunction with the re-entering debris were just as accurate. To see AVI and Real Video clips of the Tampa craft, go to www.ufoseek.org. Thanks to Peter Davenport and the National UFO Reporting Center and Ignateus Graffeo of UFO Seek.

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