Dr. Steven Greer recently organized a highly successful press conference at which a number of government and military personnel came forward and discussed their UFO experiences. After an initial chill, the conference received surprisingly good press coverage, with one or two exceptions.

However, even the existence of the close encounter phenomenon went unmentioned. Instead, throughout the conference Dr. Greer spoke against the President’s planned missile shield, saying that it was a means of preventing a benevolent ‘galactic federation’ from coming into open contact with us, and that the US stood in the way of mankind gaining both an energy source that would end pollution as well as access to the stars.

In his latest journal entry, Whitley Strieber offers a very different viewpoint about the UFO phenomenon. He includes some powerful and rarely seen letters originally published in the now out-of-print Communion Letters book. In his most searching and extensive discussion yet of what the phenomenon actually is, Whitley makes sobering new revelations that bear careful thought.

To read the journal entry, click here.

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