Whitley Strieber offers an innovative idea about how to safely and effectively end lockdowns and re-open the US economy and economies around the world. He points out that there is preliminary data suggesting that COVID-19 infections are 50 to 80 times more widespread than current estimates show. Given that the number of deaths being caused by the virus in developed countries is known, if this is true it means that the vast majority of cases are asymptomatic and and the death rate is far lower than present data indicate. To determine whether or not this is true, antibody testing needs to be intensified, especially in densely populated urban areas where statistically significant numbers of results can be obtained quickly. If the preliminary data is right, the lockdown can be safely relaxed for people not in high risk categories and continued for those who are. To read the full journal, click here.

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  1. This scenario must be happening all over the USA? I am thinking the need to socialize is such a strong part of being human that we do not always do what we are supposed to be doing/FOLLOWING THE RULES (SOCIAL DISTANCING). We are living through history.

    “We are social creatures. Almost all of us desire the company of others on a regular basis. And others, we hope, desire ours. We (mostly) enjoy the company we keep and we tend to see the same lovely folks on a regular basis. We get used to them and they get used to us.”

    Posted: Apr 20, 2020 / 10:15 PM CDT / Updated: Apr 20, 2020 / 06:36 PM CDT

    ST. LOUIS – Crowds of people are gathering at night in both the city and county. Police are responding, but the crowds are too big to stop.

    The latest party broke out at the South County Ronnie’s Plaza parking lot and at the nearby Home Depot Parking lot.

    Saturday night crowds were bigger than people reported seeing in years.

    Jason LiCavoli said he organized an event called “Cruisin’ Lindbergh” and had no idea it would get so big.

    “I created a group and invited a couple hundred of my old friends and it just took off from there. Everybody was sharing great memories and photos and of course more people got involved and some more car clubs got involved and it just got really big really fast,” said Jason LiCavoli.

    Videos and pictures were posted all over Facebook, showing too many people to count.

    “I drove straight to Ronnie’s to check out the scene and there was already people congregating in other cars and I was just absolutely heartbroken because rule number one of the event was ‘Don’t get out of your car.”

    It often looked like a scene from the movie American Grafitti. Burnouts still show up on the pavement.

    “First and foremost, I won’t be doing any events until the quarantine rules have been lifted, you know, just because now I understand the risks of doing something like this. I really underestimated how quickly something like this would, you know, would spin out of control.”

    St. Louis County Police reported breaking it up after getting a call at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

    Police in St. Louis have been responding to similar crowds gathering at the Riverfront. Dack Ledbetter spotted the problem on his business’s surveillance video.

    “We went back to review the video tapes and saw there was a big party going on down here by the Riverfront between 1, 2, 3, o’clock in the morning,” said Dack Ledbetter.

    The St. Louis Police Department says it’s been working over the last two weeks to keep the crowd from gathering. One video shows a line of police cars splitting up the crowd.

    “You’ve got a party of 100 – 150 people every night down here by the Riverfront when it’s time for everybody to stay home and let’s get this virus behind us,” said Ledbetter.

    Neither police department reports any arrests or citations, but say they’ll continue to break up crowds.

    Violating the stay at home order can be referred to prosecutors as a Class A Misdemeanor.

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