We would like to thank everyone who has donated! We are now in the process of creating a new domain with a new level of security. Next week, we will proceed to restore the backup of the new website to it. To help us repair the new site, click here to make a donation.

Unknowncountry.com has been the target of sophisticated attacks since its creation in 1998. We have tried to keep ahead of the hackers, and have now hired security experts who work on some of the most secure domains and websites in the world. Even though Unknowncountry is not an enterprise-level website and doesn’t contain things like credit card data that criminals might be interested in (this is all stored elsewhere), it is nevertheless the subject of extremely sophisticated attacks. The main website has deep security, but we did not anticipate that the replacement site would be hacked. This was because it was on a hidden domain that only three people knew about. And yet it was somehow found and attacked, which took more than the skills of any garden-variety hacker.

We are now securing the new site with an even higher level of protection than Unknowncountry.com itself has.

Our message is that we are not alone, we have souls and how we live matters to us individually and to the place of mankind in the universe, and we can become an empowered, cosmic species. SOMEBODY really wants us to remain in the dark. As to who, there is no point in even speculating.
 Anybody from a state player to a sophisticated hacker could be responsible. Instead of trying to find that out, we have hired a security company to restore the new site and make certain that it is safe. But this costs money, and we need your help. Please do what you can.

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